How Would Trump Govern?

I have read a plethora of articles from clueless editors who claim they know what Donald Trumps presidency would look like. What experience do they themselves have with big business or big business men? Well the answer is none of course. Their own life experiences hover around the socialist public school system, a borderline communist secondary school system and the journalism professors who are likely either socialists or communists (as if there is much of a difference).

On the other hand having been a FOREX (currency) trader and RCR (registered commodities representative) I have worked around such men and taken bookoo bucks from these kinds of guys so I think I might just have a much better insight on the Donald than a bunch of panty waste editorial writers. It was my job to know how they think and what motivates them and steer them into a direction I wanted them to go.

The one thing I can tell you right off the bat about guys like Donald Trump is that they are extremely driven individuals. You’re not going to be reading a lot of news stories about how Trump is out golfing (unlike Obama) or going on vacations at the taxpayers expense. Trump has already been everywhere he ever wanted to go anyway. Guys like Trump don’t work from 9 to 5 or work a measly 40 hours a week. Successful people never work so little and expect success. We can expect Trump to be working practically around the clock as he tries to “Make America Great Again.”

Men like Trump have outstanding management skills which when the rubber hits road, is exactly what being the leader of the free world is supposed to do. Trump will assemble the best minds he can find in every category whether it is the economy, the military, education, infrastructure, etc. you name it and he’ll find the best experts he can to pow wow with. Once these people are assembled (and you can bet he’s already working on his short list) he is going to sit down with each group and/or their proposals and based on his own life experiences which in his case are extensive, decide on the best path to take.

Successful people like Trump aren’t likely to become entrenched in directions that don’t pan out. If he does something that isn’t showing the results he was looking for he’ll do something else and try again. This is a big change from the kinds of politics we see in Washington where programs fail and they just keep throwing more money at them hoping more cash will turn the tide. Trump is a miser when it comes to capital and he isn’t going to keep throwing your hard earned cash at something that isn’t working. Look at how little he has spent on his campaign and compare that to how much all the other candidates have spent. The guy’s a cheap bastard and that is exactly who we want holding our money bag.

And of course like all narcissists (everyone running for any office has a narcissistic streak) he will want to succeed. For Trump it is much more than simply succeeding he is going to want to go down in history as the greatest American president that ever lived. To do that trying simply isn’t good enough he is going to do everything in his power to be that guy and he has a lot of friends in very high places to help him accomplish that.

Trump is what he says he is a deal-maker and to be a deal-maker he is going to have to do what he has always done which is get along with everyone. That is really the only way anyone can ever get things done and he understands the game better than anyone else. People who want something from him with have to give him something in return that is how big business works and when he wants something he knows better than to simply demand it he will try to figure out what the other side really wants and give them just a little bit of that in exchange for a lot of what he wants. That is how big boys behave.

So for those of you who worry whether Trump can do the job or not make no mistake The Donald isn’t just going to do the job he’s going to be absolutely fabulous at it.



One thought on “How Would Trump Govern?

  1. Another great write up and assessment of the Don.. as we used to call him growing up in Jersey in the 60’s. I too was a business builder and owner operator of two in California until the rotten political machines taxed me out of the state. We need some one other then a lawyer who can be bought and I believe your right , the Don is the man! and thats why both parties of government pussies are scared to death of him and have joined together in plain sight for America to see that there is no difference between D & R……after one’s name , only in action. I just hope the establishment don’t get away with what they did to Ron Paul who should have been in the White House for the last 8 years!!!

    On Sat, Feb 27, 2016 at 9:29 AM, The McCarthy Chronicles wrote:

    > Patrick posted: “I have read a plethora of articles from clueless editors > who claim they know what Donald Trumps presidency would look like. What > experience do they themselves have with big business or big business men? > Well the answer is none of course. Their own life ex” >

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