CNN’s Disgraceful Debate Performance


If you watched the GOP debate last night it looked a lot more like a wrestling cage match than a debate. There is some pretty clear evidence that Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz colluded together to attack Donald Trump last night meeting together in the hallway prior to the event and shaking hands during one of the commercial breaks. Not exactly a fair debate on those grounds alone.

But the most outrageous actions last night didn’t involve the candidates it involved the CNN debate moderators. Just about every single time (actually I can’t remember a time it didn’t happen) Ted Cruz pontificated, he did so well past his time having the buzzer go off at least 3 times each time he opened his mouth. Wolf Blitzer hardly said a word during any of this obvious hogging of the time unless it was Kasich or Carson who went over their time and then he was right on the case almost every time.

It wasn’t just that CNN allowed Cruz to be a time hog either. Cruz made it a point to mention Trump every time he spoke and this was a clear attempt to make the debate about him and Trump and instead of putting a stop to this obvious tactic CNN just allowed it to continue. Unless of course Kasich or Carson wanted in and then those two usually got shut down pretty quickly.

CNN is well know for trying to drive the election vote. In 2008 they brazenly supported Obama in his bid for the White House sounding more like a political action committee than a news source. They were a little less obvious about it in 2012 but still promoted Obama every chance they could. Clearly the brass at CNN had no interest in a fair and well moderated debate. They wanted a brawl and that is exactly what they got.

I’m getting a little tired of the way these debates are being conducted to be honest. I know who I’m supporting and no debate performance is going to change my mind. I’ve had enough of do nothing politicians who make all the promises I want to hear  during their campaigns and then once they get elected do whatever the hell their handlers and the people who shove money into their pockets tell them to do. I’m sick of party politics where I am expected to blindly obey my overseers and support whoever the GOP establishment tells me to support.

Our country is in big trouble and it is those politicians on the stage who are responsible for much of it. Our economy is so much in the shitter that stores I like and frequent are being shut down across the nation. All the while the politicians and the media are telling me we are in a recovery and they have been telling me this bullshit for 7 years. It’s enough already. I don’t know if Donald Trump can save us but I doubt he could do any worse and I’m willing to give him a shot. I know what the other clowns with do…..nothing like they always have and at least Trump has a list of accomplishments that go from here to Bangor and beyond.

So CNN can make a mockery out of the electoral process all they want and so can’t FOX, NBC and the rest but they will never change my mind. And just so the GOP understands clearly where I’m coming from …. If Trump doesn’t win the nomination don’t expect to see me at the polls in November. I’ll be doing something more constructive with my time …. like fishing.

#gop #republican #conservative


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