I Love Donald Trump!


I love Donald Trump. How could I not? I’ve been on this flying rock for more decades that I care to count and in all that time I have never heard anyone running for public office tell me that he/she loves me. Not once. Not one single time. And to be honest I was a little taken aback the first time I heard him tell me that he loves me. I wasn’t used to hearing that from anyone in government. What I am used to hearing is a pack of lies from a group of jackals that have never done a dam thing but betray their promises and me. I was so used to that then when someone genuinely stated that he loved me I just figured it was some stunt or something just squeezed into a speech to get me to vote for him.

But over the months I have come to believe that The Donald does love me. I have seen the tenderness he has shown towards others he has said he loves. The tender touch on the cheek of a Vet who desperately needs the government to get off their ass and make good on the promises it has made to him. The way he cares about his family. The anger in his voice when he speaks about the way our government has abused our trust and our republic. Stories I hear of his generosity that have never come from his own lips. I wasn’t even sure there were people like that still around in America anymore.

Donald Trump doesn’t just love me he loves you too.  He even loves you misguiding people who call him names and won’t be voting for him. He loves America and all the American people no matter who they are and you can feel it when he says it and he says it every time I’ve seen him. How could I not love a man who makes sure that I know every single day that he loves me?

Well I do love Donald Trump and his love for me has earned my admiration and my absolute loyalty. I’d take a bullet for that man. I will continue to fight day and night to make sure that Donald Trump gets his chance to sit in the big chair. Not just because we have very little left to lose anymore but because I love the man like a brother.

Thank you Donald Trump for loving me and I can’t wait to go to the polls and show you how much I love you.


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