What We Can Learn From Islam About Women

Before I begin let me state clearly that I am not fan of Islam. In fact I’d shoot them all with pig blood bullets if given the opportunity. But research into the fall of empires proves that when females are given the same freedoms as men, that civilization is doomed and will eventually either self destruct or be conquered. It happens to every civilization in which this occurs and it is currently happening to Western Civilization so this is more than mere coincidence. President Obama has done more damage to the United States of America than any foreign power ever has and he was voted into office twice by a majority of women whose sex is the majority in America. The decline of the U.S.A. since he took office is undeniable and now women are flocking to the socialist Bernie Sanders which, if he ever actually got elected would accelerate Americas downward spiral even faster. He is the danger that women … many women embrace.

Islam on the other has assumes absolute control over their females. In many Islamic countries not only are women not allowed to vote but they are also not allowed to drive a car and are forced to wear what amounts to garbage bags when they go out in public. Further you will never see a Muslim female at an abortion clinic or at the doctors office asking for contraceptives. They are breeders and they breed at the rate that Catholic families used to breed at. It is not uncommon to see a Muslim family with 8 or 10 children. On this level alone they will simply displace free peoples across the world in a few short years. The numbers don’t lie. Currently people who are not Muslim and live in the Western World are breeding on average (the ones that do breed) at around 1.5 children compare that to the number of children Muslim women are popping out and it is easy to see that they will displace the rest of us regardless of race in just a few short decades. In Europe with the refugee crisis it could happen in a single decade.

And what will happen to women’s freedoms when Islam dominates the West?

If we don’t take a more oppressive attitude towards females in the West we are doomed and our civilization will disappear from the face of the earth and it is as simple as that. I’m not suggesting that we hang women who have been raped or make our women walk the streets in garbage bags or honor murder our daughters but something more constraining must occur very soon and it may already be much too late. This has become an issue of survival. If we don’t do something very soon our granddaughters will be facing the hangman’s noose for being the victims of the crime of rape. What is worse? Exercising more male dominance over our female population now or watching our culture die and our women become walking garbage bags in the future.

Perhaps even some simple adjustments to our society might stem the tide like taking voting rights away from women and treating marriage like the contract that it is. In America 71% of all divorces are initiated by women. If a woman files for divorces perhaps there shouldn’t be any reward and she and her children are on her own. American courts treat children as the property of their mothers so perhaps knowing that they won’t be able to touch their husbands money would be incentive enough to work things out. We need to outlaw abortion because we desperately need our women to breed and it would probably be a good idea to outlaw contraceptives as well. Again we are talking about the survival of our culture here. We also need to make women financially dependent on men again.

This whole barefoot, pregnant, make me a sandwich agenda might seem harsh to people in the west but what is the alternative? The alternative is to continue as we have and go extinct or do what we must to survive. Are ideals about equality between the sexes justification for the suicide of our culture and heritage?

Remember what comes from Islam when it dominates a country; hanging of homosexuals, beheadings, hands and feet cut off for minor crimes, stoning to death of females who are accused of adultery, gang rapes as sport. This is our future if we …. or more correctly men fail to act.





One thought on “What We Can Learn From Islam About Women

  1. Once again… nail on the head! I see nothing but idiot women being placed in control over us, not even good looking women with a brain but brain dead good for nothing but breeding live stock! In my area of Florida I see these fat ugly assed clowns or young whores thinking they have the answer for America’s woes when in short, they are the problem and wont get out of the way. It’s like a women being attacked and a real man steps in to just bring the attacker to his knees with a good beating and the women always gets in the way to not let him get hurt when his intention in the first place was to rape or kill the women. I’ve gotten to such a point now that if I were to see one of these fat assed lezzo feminists trapped in a burning car, I’d send a cat for help and go have lunch!

    On Tue, Feb 23, 2016 at 9:46 AM, The McCarthy Chronicles wrote:

    > Patrick posted: “Before I begin let me state clearly that I am not fan of > Islam. If fact I’d shoot them all with pig blood bullets if given the > opportunity. But research into the fall of empires proves that when females > are given the same freedoms as men, that civilizatio” >

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