There is a Storm Coming


Between now and Super Tuesday the Establishment is about to unleash a shit storm on Donald Trump like we’ve never seen before. All the lock step RINO’s in the GOP and the mainstream media are bout to launch a tsunami like we have never seen in a presidential primary at least not in our lifetimes.

Every candidate has had their turn at bat against Trump and now we see the GOP’s last hope approaching the podium and this time the establishment can’t afford to lose. You’re going to see a flurry of Republican politicians line up behind Rubio in an attempt to create the kind of momentum the party needs to maintain control. It must come down to a 2 or 3 man race so Cruz, Carson, and Kasich will be under enormous pressure to withdraw from the race after the Nevada primaries. As many accusations as can be levied against Trump will see the light of day and if you though a little phony poll by the Wall Street Journal and NBC was the end all as the election in S.C. exposed the truth don’t kid yourselves it was only a test.

This is the establishments last chance to defeat Trump.

Expect the worst.


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