MSM Just Doesn’t Get It

Nothing like watching the shock and awe from the bobbing heads at FOX News after the South Carolina numbers started coming in. Shock and awe spun into depression and confusion as it became clear that America’s modern day Batman was about to win back to back primaries. My God how could this have happened?

It wasn’t as if every mainstream media outlet hadn’t done everything it could to throw Donald Trump under the bus. FOX (hiding behind its sister publican the WSJ) and NBC had even conspired together to throw out some bogus poll numbers claiming that Trump was in real trouble in S.C. by claiming Cruz was within 5 points of Trump just a couple of days before the election. FOX News the self proclaimed defender of the Republican Party had worked around the clock since Trumps win in New Hampshire to promote their GOP darlings and undermine Trumps campaign and they are the most trusted news organization and best ratings news station in all of America. This can’t be happening.

As the numbers rolled in confirming the poll numbers prior to the release of the NBC/Wall Street Journal numbers newspeople across the media spectrum rushed to explain what happened to the American public. It was Washington shenanigans, the Obama regime, and an ineffective Republican controlled Congress which was to blame. Perhaps it was even the people themselves dumbed down by the leftist public school system who are at fault.

Though in truth any of these reasons could have had an impact on this primary or frankly any election of this relatively new century the one major cause the news media just didn’t seem to be able to grasp could have been found had they just taken a good long look in the mirror. Perhaps the biggest cause of Trumps rise in the political arena stems from Americas absolute distrust of the news media as a whole.

Americans news media hasn’t exactly been honest with the American public. MSM has been promoting a false narrative for a very long time covering up and/or downplaying stories that don’t match their agenda and taking on the roll of king maker when it comes to elections. Remember when NBC doctored 911 calls to make George Zimmerman look racist and FOX News tried to pretend that Ron Paul wasn’t even a candidate in the 2012 Republican primaries? These are only 2 examples of twisted tales promoted by the news media every single day. The medias success at driving the political train for so long has not prepared them for the big hand of the public swatting them out of the locomotive.

Both Washington and the news media have played out their cards. Their deceptions to a sleepy public, have gotten so brazen that even the unwashed masses have taken notice in disgust. In fact it is the often lethargic middle class, who is waking up to the corruption in both politics and information media and these ….. how does the elites call them …..disgruntled  blue collar reactionary simpletons are no longer following the lead of their masters. Suddenly the average god fearing, gun grasping cogs in the economic wheel are thinking for themselves. Oh Joe say it ain’t so.

There is a real panic among the elites in Washington and the media. They just don’t understand how their ivory towers have lost their sheen. Even after months of strong showings by Mr. Trump you can still see the look of disbelief in their eyes and hear it in their voices. Not to mention the tone of arrogance in their voices as they still believe they can turn it all around with their own rhetoric. If Trump continues to dominate the Republican primaries past Super Tuesday they will have to begrudgingly accept that Trump will be the GOPs front man rolling into the general election late this spring but the one thing the MSM will never be able to accept is their own role in Trumps rise.

So will they eventually embrace Trumps presidential candidacy? I wouldn’t bet on it. Not even FOX News. The most likely scenario is that Clinton will suddenly become the darling of both the news media and Washington behind the scenes and both groups will work in tandem to get her elected rather than see Trump at the helm of the free world.

At least Clinton they can control.


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