First Thing: Kill All the Teachers!



You are probably familiar with a quote from William Shakespeare’s play Henry the Sixth, “First thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” This quote has been used in many different unintended ways over the centuries but I think it has become a little stale and needs a bit of modernization to make it more relevant for modern times. That’s not to say that we shouldn’t kill all the lawyers, we probably should especially since the only person left running for the presidency in this cycle that isn’t a lawyer is Donald Trump, but I’m thinking that we have a much bigger problem here in America with a different profession one that has been steadily chipping away at the foundation of our republic for decades.

Yes we need to and should kill all the teachers in part because that is the only way we can even hope to get rid of them anymore. With tenure and labor unions backing, getting rid of any public or secondary school teacher (or professor for the more arrogant among the lot) is darn near impossible even in the worst cases. A bullet in the back of the head would insure that those we wanted to dispose of would stay disposed and not enrich the lawyers who we should have killed off long ago. I should point out that I am open to a variety of different methods so it doesn’t have to be the classic bullet to the head killing in fact I’m pretty sure I’d like to see some of them suffer a little.

Now I’m not talking about killing one or two of the worst but dispatching with them all as well as school administrators and union leaders or anyone else who has let the situation get so out of hand. And if your congressman or governor has continued to support the status quo in public education we might as well blind fold them and line them up against the wall too.

And why not these people have proven themselves to be traitors to the republic time and time again and what do we do with traitors? Yeah that’s right, bullet to the head or the hangman’s noose either one is ok by me.

The vast majority of teachers across America are subversives and traitors to the traditions and foundation of these United States and we can see the evidence of this in every news source every day as our young people, whose minds are sponges that have soaked up the only ideas these vile creatures have ever taught them, stand in defiance promoting things like communism and socialism. Our young people have no clue about world history, economics, science, mathematics or American history and there aren’t enough of them to fill a thimble who have even the basic understanding of The Constitution.

These teachers had one job, a job that provides them with more vacation time, a higher salary, and bigger perks than most of the parents of the children we have paid them to teach and they have fulfilled their obligation miserably. Not only that what little they have taught our kids runs counter to everything we stand for. Our kids have grown up into pinko commie parasites and this shit has to stop or we’re going to lose our freedoms and liberties or whatever is currently left of them.

I personally won’t shed a tear when we pile their bodies into mass graves and cover them with dirt from the blades of a bulldozer. In fact I think we should have fireworks displays and marching bands if that day ever comes. We have to purge the system and start anew because the people in place today are our worst and we need to replace them with our best.

As for equality, teaching needs to become less sexist and stop being a female dominated profession. No matter what it takes we need to get men (not sissy boys) back into the role of educating our children. Most of these kids don’t have fathers anymore or at least not their real fathers and they desperately need a positive role model that isn’t dribbling some type of ball and cussing in every sentence he speaks.

Yes indeed we need change in our school system and we need radical change right this very minute not 10, 20 or 30 years from now. It’s time to rage against the machine!


One thought on “First Thing: Kill All the Teachers!

  1. Man does this strike a nerve! I can’t stand the idiots they call teachers and your right Pat just try and have one fired….lots of luck with that…our kids can’t read or compose a sentence without the word mother F*cker in it! forget counting out change at a store …if the register is down they can’t do business…..Ugh! Both my stepdaughters while in high school were at 4th grade level for everything and with a “D” average at that!!!!! and now with this common core garbage??? someone who came up with that needs to be beaten within an inch of his next breath! I better stop or I’ll bust a blood vessel!

    On Mon, Feb 22, 2016 at 11:25 AM, The McCarthy Chronicles wrote:

    > Patrick posted: ” You are probably familiar with a quote from William > Shakespeare’s play Henry the Sixth, “First thing we do, let’s kill all the > lawyers.” This quote has been used in many different unintended ways over > the centuries but I think it has become a li” >

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