What to Expect Next #teamtrump


The dominating win in South Carolina was a wonderful victory for #teamtrump and the American people. So what can we expect next? If you think this last primary was going to be tough you ain’t seen nothing yet. What you saw from the media and the RINO establishment just prior to the S.C. primaries was so much corruption it boggles the mind. Both groups bent over backwards trying to throw Mr. Trump under the bus, any bus and their efforts ended up being fruitless. The absolute worst example of this came from NBC and FOX News who owns the Wall Street Journal. Thank god no voters believed their lies about Trump being threatened in any way by the other candidates but their phony polls claiming that Trump only had a 5 point lead just goes to show the lengths FOX will go to stop the Trump revolution. It might have worked against Ron Paul but it isn’t working this time.

We the people are speaking loud and clear this time but we also have to understand that our work has just begun. Look how close Sanders got to Clinton in Nevada. What does that say about large segments of the American people? Sanders is the worst possible outcome for the United States and what his supporters display for all to see is a complete lack of education, understanding of history and American patriotism. We fought a cold war for decades to stop Sanders kinds of ideas and here we have millions of incredibly ignorant and greedy Americans embracing them.

Our job now is two fold. First we must continue our battle against the GOP RINO’s who would usurp this election but just as important we have to start working towards the general election and that means we have to start educating those foolish Sanders supporters namely young people and women. We have to show them how foolish they are being though historical precedence and we have to teach them basic economics.

Young people see poverty incorrectly as a result of capitalism when the opposite is true. Women see government was a pseudo provider without realizing that men have traditionally been much more successful at providing for them than government ever will be. Both of these groups fail to consider that today’s socialist windfall inevitably turns into tomorrows drop in lifestyle and eventual poverty like Greece is now learning the hard way as they must approach other nations hat in hand and beg for rescuing.

We must sit down and have serious, focused discussions with our women and our young people about the truth and show them that their fantasy’s about collectivism are simply just tha,t fantasys. The two best teachers of economics are Milton Freeman and Thomas Sowell and you should make yourself very well acquainted with what quite frankly is Milton Freeman’s revolutionary views of economics.

Today in America we have corporatism which is paving the way towards socialism but it is a failed economic model. The only economic model that has ever proven to be a resounding success in our world lifting as many as it touches economically is the newest economic model  to ever come down the pike …  capitalism.

What America needs isn’t handouts it is security and JOBs. With more than 90 million people having given up even looking for work this should be painfully obvious to everyone but sadly it is not. There is no candidate who has ever given a non government job to anyone but Donald Trump and we have to make that clear to the most ignorant among us while we teach them basic economics and our Constitution and why it was created the way it was to a generation whose teachers have so obviously failed in these regards.

We must also keep the faith because both parties in Washington and the media as a whole are scared to death that Trump might become president and that the train of abuses against we the people might come to an end. Our future is at stake so we can’t afford to be slackers here. If you want to make America great again and even better than it ever was, we can’t let one moment slip by. So let’s roll up our sleeves and get back to work before the usurpers steal our sunshine.


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