Gaming Women

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This Op-ed is meant to be a wake up call to the women out there. Men really don’t like what you have become and although this may not apply to all women odds are they apply to you because it applies to almost every female I have ever met.

American women are transparent, narcissistic, gold digging sluts. There I said it and most of you guys know I’m spot on. You ladies (and I use the term in the loosest definition) think you’re fooling us but we stopped being fooled a long time ago. We don’t see you as relationship material anymore we see you as a 3 holed circus. Most of the time we don’t even listen to whatever it is you are babbling about and when we do we are just pretending to so we can get what we want.

When is comes to bagging an American woman the modern woman couldn’t be easier. We know what you want, you want the bad boy that you think you can save or change (but what you really want is to manipulate us) so we play along just to get some booty. And here’s another clue; the easiest woman to get into bed is one that is already married or in a relationship. True story.

I was a dog for years and the reason I got so many women (and I’m not talking baggers here) is because I had absolutely no respect for them. I got burned pretty good by my first wife in my early 20s who was having sex with every guy I knew behind my back until I woke up. When that ended I viewed women as sex toys and nothing more. Consequently out of all of my friends I became the most successful not just at the one night stand but at nailing the hottest looking females everywhere I went. It didn’t hurt that when I was young I was better than average looking but trust me most women will lay down with a Lurch if he knows how to play her.

First of all you have to understand that women are extremely shallow creatures and they run at the mouth. What that means is that if you pay a little attention to what they are actually trying to tell you with their words and their body language you should be pounding them behind the dumpster in the back of the club before you’ve pissed away more than 3 drinks of your hard earned money on her.

Don’t even bother with dinner and a movie put a few drinks in her, give her whatever drug she likes most (usually coke or something in pill form) and act like you don’t give a shit whether she comes or goes. And never be afraid to flirt with other women while you’re with her. Women are jealous bitches and will have sex with you just to keep the other girl from getting you.

See women like the bad boys. No matter what bullshit comes out of their pieholes if you’re the nice stable guy you’re going to get regulated to the friend zone forever. Treat her like dirt she won’t be able to resist you. The only thing the nice guy is for is his wallet and for car rides to where the bad boys are.

There are several warning signs that should be the red flags that make you move away from women who want more than just a quick romp in the hay. If she asks you what you do for a living or what kind of car you drive she’s sizing up your wallet. Move on she’s probably got a horde of curtain climbers at home from all the failed relationships she has already been in or from being an insatiable slut. Also avoid women who are dragging around their own wingman you know that fat ugly bitch you’re gonna end up stuck with after you get drunk off your ass trying to get her drunk enough for that trip out back to the dumpster. You’re gonna end up getting them both trashed and having to do the fat bitch for your efforts.

American women are the easiest lays in the world and everyone knows it. If you’re not banging a new one every week you’re just not paying attention (and you should be bagging 2 or 3 at least). That is the truth get over it.

Now for you ladies. Wake the fuck up. If you wanna be treated like a ho just keep doing what you’re doing but if you want to be loved and settle down get control of yourself and stop thinking the world revolves around you. Trust me when I tell you that men don’t respect that shit. We want to come home to the nice June Cleaver kind of girl but since women like that aren’t available anymore we’re gonna use you like a plastic blow up fuck doll until something better comes along and something better always comes along. Don’t try to game us. Just because we pretend to be gamed doesn’t make it so we’re just trying to get access to that worn out snatch between your legs. You don’t have to be this way no matter what your drunken slut of a girlfriend tells you.

Girls stay away from poison women they are miserable and want you to be as miserable as they are to give credence to their lack of character. Go to church. Take a second look at that nice guy you have been rejecting and who has been doing everything for you while you have been treating him like your little brother. Dress like a lady not a street corner whore. You might be hot today but looks fade much faster than you think and by the time you know it the wolf whistling is going to subside and guys will stop snapping their necks back to look at you as you strut past them. Get in shape, exercise, educate yourself enough to be a good conversationalist and leave your past in the past where it belongs. Good men prefer natural women so love your boobies no matter how big or how small and you shouldn’t need a trowel to put on makeup.

American women are miserable and they are miserable because of the poor choices they have made. Being sexually liberated is just fancy terminology for being a whore. Stop it. Wake up and smell the coffee. Be a good girl and you’ll get a good man and you might even end up happy.

Or be some guys trophy for the weekend. Your choice.


One thought on “Gaming Women

  1. *WOW! I’d say you nailed it pretty well once again, nothing has changed in the very nature of women but the extent of the obvious has risen to the forefront instead of it being stealth thinking that we men don’t see whats going on. *

    On Thu, Feb 18, 2016 at 1:28 PM, The McCarthy Chronicles wrote:

    > Patrick posted: ” This Op-ed is meant to be a wake up call to the women > out there. Men really don’t like what you have become and although this may > not apply to all women odds are they apply to you because it applies to > almost every female I have ever met. Ameri” >

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