Europe: The Saddest Place on Earth


A recent Polish magazine cover reminded us all of what Europe really is instead of the fantasy many believe it is. Sometimes it absolutely amazes me that The United States of America was founded by Europeans. Americas founding fathers recognized that people were endowed with certain inalienable rights the most important of these being the rights to assemble, speak freely, and defend oneself and their homes. Few other “rights” are as fundamental as these 3 and yet when we gaze across the “pond” we see none of these rights in the homelands which gave birth to the incredibly brave men who put freedom and liberty above all else.

On the Polish magazine cover accompanying this Op-Ed we can see clearly how the massive influx of Middle Eastern and African migrants (to call them refugees is insulting to anyone’s intelligence) has had a negative impact on the European Union (it is the European Unions flag that is draped around the woman). Across Europe women are being sacrificed in the name of political correctness to the barbaric mobs of Muslims who have been molesting, raping, humiliating and murdering Europe women en mass. Europe’s media, Americas media, American politicians and European politicians have been downplaying these atrocities while hordes of uncivilized animals who no one voted to allow into their semi sovereign nations continue to swamp into a once great continent.

Because Europeans have no real right to expressive freedoms many European Nations have outright banned the Polish magazine but it doesn’t just end there. Europe also has the kind of strict oppression of the internet one might expect from a Communist China or Cuba and no one, not even in America bats an eye to this social oppression  of the people. Many European citizens have been so conditioned to this absurd usurping of basic human rights that they actually defend it based largely on post WWII propaganda.

Can you even imagine living in a place where speaking your mind or even quoting Winston Churchill (a person I am personally no fan of) can get you arrested and incarcerated? The citizens of Europe are not a free people they are slaves.Their lives are controlled by “progressive” liberal socialist correctness and the women and children are freely given to the alter of Muslim rapists as the streets of their cities and towns are no longer safe for a Western woman or child to walk alone. It is getting worse as their overseers double down quashing any resistance to the ultimate demise of European heritage and culture.

Cry for Europe. Cry for the loss of the cradle of modern civilization.

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