We Don’t Need the GOP



It is obvious that the GOP is now pulling out all the stops to end Donald Trumps campaign for the Presidency of the United States of America. Never before has it been so clear to the America public how corrupt Washington, the media and both political parties have become. We see before our very eyes the shadow government that conspiracy theorists have been warning about rear it’s ugly head. Like George Carlin said that once they no longer desire the illusion of a government for and by the people the curtain will be pulled back to expose the brick wall which is exactly what we are seeing here today.

What the GOP doesn’t seem to understand is that we are wise to them and we simply don’t believe them anymore. In a recent poll on the Donald Trump for 2016 page on Google+, Trump supporters were ashed “Would you vote for Ted Cruz if Trump went 3rd party?” with three ways to answer the question 1) Yes, 2) No, another Republican or 3) I’m voting for Trump no matter what. This question was aimed at Trump supporter but it should be noted that it was posted publicly so that anyone on Google+ could have voted. At the time of this posting with 107 votes in so far 92% of the people who voted chose answer #3. That means that Trump supporters would continue to support and pledge their votes for Trump even if The Donald decided to campaign on a 3rd party platform. It also means that regardless of who the GOP candidate might be, if it isn’t Trump the GOP can’t win the general election and given the choices on the DNC’s ticket it seems unlikely that anyone on the left could defeat him even if he only got 30-40% of the vote in the general election. The odds of Trump winning the general election increase exponentially if Bloomberg decides to enter the race as he would surely take votes away from the DNC’s candidate (no conservative or libertarian is going to vote for him).

It boils down to one simple fact, unless the voting process ie. count is corrupt, Donald Trump would most likely be the next President with or without the Republican Party. If the GOP is trying to destroy it’s own party it is doing one hell of a great job. If the system is corrupt and the shadow government always makes the real choice then our Republic is lost. In either case we will find out in November.

There is a real danger that America could erupt into a real and very serious civil war and the blame for that if it occurs will fall squarely on the shoulders of the Washington and media establishment. If the American government is not by and for the people then it is illegitimate and should be overthrown by the people. One way or another our world is going to change.



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