The Real Reagan Republican: Donald Trump



Don’t you just love how all the establishment members of the Republican party like to go on and on about Ronald Reagan? If you didn’t know any better you’d think Dutch was the Buddha or something. The really funny part is I was there in the early 70’s when it all went down and it isn’t quite like some on the GOP would have you believe. If the truth were to be told the establish members of the GOP couldn’t stand Reagan when he ran for president. Reagan had been a liberal Democrat when he was hanging around Hollywood and somewhere along the way saw the light just as many of us have. But the GOP saw him almost exactly the way they see Trump today as an actor who was interested in his own fame. There was a lot of resistance to Ronald Reagan who the right saw as not conservative enough and not fundamentally religious enough. This entire scenario has already been played out in the past.

If you take a good long look at what we are seeing unfold before our eyes  we see the old axiom about history repeating itself being proven true. George W. Bush is Nixon, Obama is Carter and Trump is Reagan. Nixon was involved in a war (though not one of his own making) that he in fact won yet his presidency ended up tarnished by the Watergate scandal which by today’s standards would even raise an eyebrow. Bush won the war in Iraq and in both wars we had no business being involved in the first place. His presidency was tarnished by the economy. Carter and the Democrats gave away the win in Vietnam just like Obama gave away the win in Iraq and both Carter and Obama wrecked havoc on America economy and blamed America for their own failings. Reagan the actor became president just like Trump the T.V. show host is poised to do. We’ve seen this act before.

If there is anyone running on the GOP that is a Reagan Republican it is Donald trump and the reason is quite simple. Like Reagan, Trump is coming to his own when America is at its lowest and like Reagan, Trump inspires us. It was Reagan’s love for America and his insistence that we could “Make America Great Again” which was originally a Reagan campaign slogan that Trump adopted. Like Reagan, Trump gives us hope that all is not lost and quite frankly we felt the exact same way during the last half of the Carter Administration. Trump like Reagan makes us proud to be Americans again and is bringing back a sense of nationalism that we haven’t felt since the aftermath of 9/11.

Everyone wants to wear Dutch’s hat but the only head it fits on perfectly is Donald Trumps and anyone who tells you differently is trying to sell you some B.S. I was there. I saw. And those of you who were there with me know dam well I’m right. If we want more of what Ronnie brought to America there is only one choice ….. elect Donald Trump for President.


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