Enough with the B.S. about Iraq

desert storm mural

During the GOP debates this past weekend Donald Trump claimed President Bush lied about Iraq and that we shouldn’t have gone there in the first place. Let’s stop with the B.S. and stop kidding each other here …. a lot of people lied about Iraq on both sides of the fence.

When George H.W. Bush (the first Bush, Reagan’s V.P.) initiated the Desert Storm it was a set up form the git go. Kuwait had been stealing crude oil from Iraq by angling their underground drilling so that it exceeded their boarders. The United States government knew this and suggested to the Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein that they might look the other way if Iraq decided to take action. At that time Iraq had the worlds 4th largest army and was considered to be a threat to Israel by the Israelis. Hussein seemed generally dismayed by Americas reaction to what he felt was a justifiable invasion that instead turned out to be a trap designed to destroy his military influence in the Middle East.

George H.W. Bush did exactly what was required, he pushed Iraq out of Kuwait and decimated Iraq’s army and then pulled out. But for many that wasn’t nearly enough because America hadn’t taken the war to the Iraqi people and destroyed that nation. Consequently President Bush was ridiculed for not “finishing the job.” Between that and the less than spectacular economy during his presidency in part because of Desert Storm, Bush lost his second bid for the presidency.

Throughout the Clinton Presidency the United States bombed Iraq on a regular basis. American had gotten into its head that Iraq could no longer be considered a sovereign nation and found any excuse in the book to drop a few bombs on them and burden them with economic sanctions. Israel did not want Iraq rebuilding its military and regular bombings and economic sanctions insured they they would be unable to do so.

Enter George W. Bush (the second one). Dubya wasn’t too happy about his father being accused of not “getting the job done” and being a one term president. This had become the family legacy. It didn’t help that many on the left in Congress kept claiming that Iraq was seeking a nuclear weapon and probably already had them and something had to be done and this was going on long before 9/11. Democrats were using the Bush legacy in Iraq to attack and demean the junior Bush. And of course immediately after 9/11 the eyes of both the Republicans and the Democrats were on Iraq even though the people accused of 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia which is so called friends of the United States. Someone had to pay and no one was going to make that someone the Saudis.

From what we have been told America went to war with Iraq based on the report of one single Iraq double agent that the C.I.A. had turned to work for us. If you believe that then you would also have to believe that America went to war in WWI because 150 or so people died on a foreign vessel. The truth is Bush was being pressured by both the right and the left and he had a motive to save the family legacy.

The point is everyone lied. Everyone in Washington both left and right and of course the mainstream media lied to the American people and the American people were eager to believe these lies because of the blood lust of post 9/11. I never believed that bullshit and I took a lot of flack for standing up and saying it was wrong and stupid months before the attack while the American military was getting its ducks in a row for the invasion.

I think most Americans have come to understand it was all a lie too. Yes we want to support conservative leaders and who wouldn’t want to have a beer with Dubya but there is a limit. We are not progressive liberals who swallow and accept every lie put on the table in front of them. When our guys screw up we hold them accountable not continue to praise them for the disasters they create. So let’s put an end to this nonsense about the Iraqi invasion. It was wrong. It was wrong from day one and it got even worse when Obama abandoned a country we destroyed over B.S.

If we are ever going to be great again …. we need to be honest with ourselves because greatness can only come from brutal honesty.




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