How Whites Really See Blacks Today

Before I get too much into this I’m going to add this disclaimer; not all people of any one group think exactly the same or act exactly the same the observations presented are generalizations and should be regarded in that light. I am not here to be politically correct but to be brutally honest about a subject very few are willing to discuss openly and honestly.

So let us begin.

Prior to Barack Obama’s election to the Presidency White/Black relations were pretty decent and certainly the majority, which in the United States is Caucasian, treated and embraced the Black minority much better than most countries treat their minority populations. Clear evidence of that is the fact that a Black man was able to gain the highest office in the world not just in America. In music, the culinary arts, sports, and Hollywood Blacks have been revered by the majority of the White community and interracial dating and marriage were hardly unusual. That being said there were and always will be both Whites and Blacks who disliked the other simply because of their skin color. Still slow and steady progress was being made on both sides more due to exposure than anything else. The more the 2 races interacted the less they were able to find excuses to dislike each other.

Now of course when Obama was elected as President there was a lot of resistance for reasons that had nothing to do with race. First there was the question of voter fraud. ACORN especially conducted itself without any semblance of integrity falsifying votes en mass in a “by any means necessary” agenda that completely corrupted the voting process and cast a shadow on Obama’s presidency from day one. Add to that Obama’s lack of experience, the fact that he had not grown up in America and therefore could not have been taught American values, his communist leanings and his Islamic background and it is easy to see why many Americans weren’t exactly dancing in the streets over his election. His frightening comments about transforming America didn’t help people feel more comfortable about him. Still once the man took the oath of office even those who opposed him hoped that they were mistaken about the man and if nothing else perhaps his election would finally convince Blacks that they could achieve anything and Whites didn’t hate them or even dislike them anymore than anyone else as he could not have gotten elected on the 12% Black vote.

Instead of improving relations between Whites and Blacks the exact opposite occurred and much of what changed can be blamed directly on the Obama Regime. Instead of taking the high road by treating people equally the Obama Regime put Blacks on a social pedestal which began almost immediately as members of The New Black Panthers, who were clearly guilty of some very serious Federal voter intimidation crimes were allowed to escape prosecution by Eric Holders Department of Justice. You cannot fight perceived injustice by conducting yourself in an unjust way. This was the first sign that a radical had been elected president but there were many more to come including but not limited to both the Treyvon Martin and Michael Brown cases in which The White House and the DoJ sided with the perpetrators who were Black and against the victims who were Hispanic and White.

All of this was only a small part of the overall theme of the Obama regime and the progressive liberal left who continued throughout Obama’s presidency to promote falsehoods and flat out lies. The Obama regime sought to divide Americans in any way they could by race, religion, culture, sex, and economic standing in a clear attempt to push forward socialist/communist ideals he was brought up to believe. Like a shell game where the people were paying attention to the left hand while the right hand was doing something completely different. Instead of doing everything he could to put Blacks to work, Obama burdened the economy with regulations that killed jobs not created them while at the same time increasing entitlements especially those aimed at the Black community. Working people looked at the free cell phones and computers that they themselves had to work very hard for to attain as a slap in their faces as it was their tax dollars paying for luxuries that others sat on their asses for.

In 2012 when 97% of Black America once more voted for Barack Obama a page turned in race relations. Most people were accepting of the Black community voting along racial lines in 2008 and no one blamed them for that or considered it racist but 2012 was another animal all together. Obama had done nothing for Blacks in fact Blacks were worse off in 2012 than they were in 2008 when Obama was elected. Suddenly everyone who wasn’t Black realized the inherent racist nature of the Black community. Blacks had not voted for what was best for their country they hadn’t even voted for what was best for themselves they had voted for what had become undeniable; Black Supremacy.

After the election the rise of The New Black Panthers and the Black Lives Matter movement the latter of which was formed on complete falsehoods turned the tide of racial relations in a negative way. This negativity was promoted not just by many Blacks but by the progressive liberal left and the media who sought to turn every altercation between Whites and Blacks into a racial divide. People like Beyonce Knowles, her husband Jay Z, and George Soros (among others) added to this division by financially supporting these 2 radical and racially divisive groups. These actions of course helped to increase Black on White crimes across the nation and were directly responsible for the deaths of several police officers.

So how has all of this affected how Whites regard Blacks? Predictably Whites have had just about enough of this. Though they may not be rioting in the streets and burning their local businesses down their attitude towards Blacks has disintegrated not because of inherent racism but because of the behavior of The Obama Regime, the progressive left, the media, and many many Blacks themselves. Instead of a Black President making race relations better Obama and his regime have made race relations much worse setting the clock backwards perhaps decades and it may take many more decades before America returns to the more tolerant relations we enjoyed in 2008. This is not the fault of White people this is the fault of pseudo political correctness which is always based on lies and half truths.

Can America recover from the racial divide that has now consumed her? Well that depends on what happens with the next administration that takes office. Putting Blacks and frankly the rest of America back to work and thereby creating opportunities that have not existed during the Obama regime will go a long way to repairing the damage done over the last 7+ years but it won’t be nearly enough. The attitude of entitlement must be quashed before any real change in the way Whites and Black view each other is ever going to start down the road to positivism again. However these are only the first steps because unless the media, which has been fueling this fire, gets it into their heads that their part in all this must change we are very likely to continue this downward social fall.

In the end I think Morgan Freeman got it right (no wonder he keeps getting cast as God) we simply need to stop talking about it and get on with our lives.




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