Muslim Database



Let’s play with our imaginations a little bit today shall we? Let’s pretend that Christians decided that the entire world must become Christian or die. Not all Christians of course but several million of them kinda like several million Muslims believe Islam should rule the world. And let us take this a step further and pretend that Christians decided that violence was the way to make their dreams of world domination come true.

Can you imagine Christians bringing down skyscrapers in major cities and butchering people at rock concerts? How about Christians beheading people. All kinds of people men, women, children. What if Christians recruited suicide bombers on the internet and seduced teenage girls to breed for them? Can you imagine that?

What if the group doing this were Atheists or Jews or Hindus or Buddhists? Have I covered everyone yet? Regardless of which of these groups you consider yourself a part of, how many of you would continue to be a part of that group if their behavior mirrored what we have witnessed those who call themselves Muslims have been doing for decades?

I can’t speak for you but I can speak for myself. No matter which group I belonged to if my group was behaving this way I’d surely find another group. I’d have to take a critical look at my religious beliefs and not just try to figure out what there was about my beliefs that turned people into stone cold heartless killers but I’d also be finding a new set of beliefs. I never want to be associated with people who murder indiscriminately period. No excuses just no dam way and if I was the only person in my group leaving those religious beliefs well good riddance. These are my beliefs but I honestly believe most decent people would agree. If you’re a Christian and year after year your people were murdering men, women and children around the world indiscriminately I bet you’d convert to something else. At least I hope you would.

So how is it that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world? How is it that Europe will be Islamic within 50 years or less? How is it that America will eventually stand alone as a Christian nation …. for a short period before it too falls to the sword of Islam?

So when someone says Muslim database as if it is a bad thing I have to wonder about their motives and sanity. It has come to this…..survival. Muslims are either Jihadists, support Jihadists, or at the very best turn a blind eye to Jihadists. There is no other explanation. So you bet your sweet ass I want to see someone compile a Muslim database. I wanna see Mosques closed and Muslims shipped out of America period no if ands or buts and no excuses. I don’t care if this isn’t who we are in this case we have to make an exception.

Because if we don’t act “who we are” is going to be an Islamic state which lops the hands and heads off of people, stones your wife, sister, daughter to death, and shreds the Constitution as blasphemy. ”

“Who we are” simply won’t exist anymore.


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