A Time for War

If you look back across the expanse of the existence of mankind one of the consistences throughout our short time on earth is that mankind will always be at war somewhere. The reason for that is because someone always wants what you have; land, resources, riches, women, labor (potential slaves) and there will always be someone willing to kill for any of these things. Sometimes it is as simple as power like when America entered both world wars.

Ever since the 1960’s there has been this ideal that somehow someway everyone could just put down their weapons and we could put an end to war and murder and violence. Much like the dope-heads of the 60’s and the people today who support such nonsense the ideal itself suffers from arrested development. Sure John Lennon’s idea of Utopia sounds grand but it has no grounding in reality. There will always be someone out there willing and eager to kill you to get your stuff. Grow up.

The point is sooner or later people end up going to war and the more pious among us generally hope we are doing it for the right reasons (which we rarely if ever do). Regardless of whether we have ever been in a truly righteous war or not winter is coming and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it.

But let’s pretend for a minute (yeah I know we do a lot of pretending around here) that we have crossed a new threshold in our civilization in which we try to only go to war when our morality says we must. We have come to a time in modern western civilization (remember we are still pretending here) in which we go to war only for morally justifiable reasons. Well if that is the case why aren’t we going full bore with everything we’ve got against Isis?

Never in modern times have we seen the kind of evil in any part of the world that we see now in the middle east. I can’t even post the photos of what these monsters do because   you’d need a barf bag and might go without sleep for days …. just viewing the aftermath. These people butcher children and seem to get some great satisfaction out of doing so. They enslave women using them for their sexual gratification until they are bored with them and can find an excuse to use them as a human bomb or torture or behead them.

What kind of people are we that we would cower behind our pillars of our own self righteous indignation while doing absolutely nothing but dropping a few bombs and running off at the mouth? We could have wiped these worms off of the face of the planet months ago but all I hear people talking about is how much it will cost and that we have already had enough war and that these people who have lived under the heel of despots their entire lives have to solve the problem themselves because the Super Bowl is more important and we don’t want to be distracted.

The funny part is that it is the people sitting at home who don’t want to go fight Isis. Don’t worry you little bitches you aren’t going.

See the thing is that the good ole U.S.A. has an all volunteer military and anyone who has enlisted during the last 15 years didn’t do so because they thought they were going to get to lounge around on a base in Hawaii when they signed on the dotted line. Unless these people are complete and utter morons they signed up because they wanted to fight and knew that by doing so they were risking their lives a lot more than the clown doing 135 mph on a Ninja barreling down the interstate.

There is a time for war and a real war not just the lip service we get about some drone war a half a planet away. Isis will never be defeated by airstrikes alone and every single day we sit around pontificating about that area of the world as if internet chat or words spoken at the dinner table does a dam thing, children are being tortured, raped, and murdered. Women are being tortured, raped and murdered and if that wasn’t bad enough being reduced to slavery (where is BLM on real slavery?).

Our service personnel want to fight these piles of camel dung and we should let them do it. I say unleash our troops upon the Middle East and kill every god dam one of these motherfu$%#ers.

This is a war worth sending out young people to regardless of how it started. Isis is evil incarnate and if we aren’t willing to stand up against this kind of pure evil ….. we are no better than they are.



One thought on “A Time for War

  1. Welcome to the New World Order ! Death to the masses and life to the Elites!

    On Thu, Feb 11, 2016 at 6:30 AM, The McCarthy Chronicles wrote:

    > Patrick posted: “If you look back across the expanse of the existence of > mankind one of the consistences throughout our short time on earth is that > mankind will always be at war somewhere. The reason for that is because > someone always wants what you have; land, resources,” >


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