If it Wasn’t for their Punani:

This Op-Ed is addressed to the majority of women and the kind of men who are afraid of a fight. In my eyes you are both women. So when I say women I also mean you sorry excuses of men who wear pink and are afraid of guns.

No one ever tells the truth about some things in America and that list is getting longer by the day but the one thing no one will ever tell the truth about is women. Women know about women and they hate each other (while pretending to love each other) so that alone should tell you something about them. There is an old saying among men (real men) that if it wasn’t for that patch of hair between their legs there would be a bounty on them. I don’t think that is much of an exaggeration.

As human beings go women are not moral or honorable creatures. In fact even within the family it is most often the fathers duty to teach morality, honor, justice etc. to the children not the mother. Evidence of this is clear in children and adults whose birth fathers were not present for one reason or another (usually because of unrealistic expectations from the mother) as these children and adults more often than not seem to be missing the more noble aspects of mankind. The most messed up men you will find are almost always from single parent households where the single parent is the mother. They suffer the most but so don’t the girls who grow up with fantasy expectations.

Right about now some of you bitches are getting all red in the face and ready to lash out but assuming you have any self control at all calm down…..because it is going to get worse….a lot worse.

What has happened in America and quite frankly throughout all of Western Civilization is that society has shifted from being patriarchal to more maternal. In fact men have become a running joke just about everywhere you look except perhaps sports and who knows how long it will be before that ends. This fundamental shift has brought us predictably disastrous results. Everywhere where women have changed the society, that society has become weaker and more susceptible to annihilation. Angela Merkel with her loving womans touch and nesting instincts has destroyed Germany and there is no turning back from that now.

But Merkel is just the most extreme case to date the feminization of the West is occurring in all cultures where the majority is Caucasian. Yeah that’s right I said it get over it it’s the truth. In fact we are now even turning men into women and praising the men who are willing to at least appear as women with accolades real men will never enjoy unless they throw themselves on a grenade (and even then maybe not).

And guess who brought you that racist traitorous Muslim in the White House. Yes that’s right it was women. Women are the largest voting block in the country by far. While they pretend to be powerless they are in fact the majority of the population and that majority voted overwhelming for ignorance. Unrealistic expectations and an entitlement mentality is all any politician has to do to garner the female vote and add to that the sexual image of the over-sized African penis and every bimbo in town is rushing off the the voting booth to once again vote for a fantasy.

Women live their lives clutching at fantasy.

Want proof? Just look at what women watch on TV when they are in charge of the remote control. The Hallmark Network, and Oxygen are networks specifically targeted at women and neither one of these networks has a news hour. There is nothing but wall to wall fantasy programming on these networks because that is exactly what women want and they want it all the time. Perhaps reality is just a little too hard for them to absorb. When they aren’t watching these two networks they are watching those borderline insane beeotches on The View or Dr. Phil or Oprah. Who do you think is buying tabloid magazines at the grocery store and googling at “reality” TV (an oxymoron if I ever heard one).

The truth is women are fucking morons and most men know this. Here’s a clue ladies the only reason men are nice to you….the one and only reason is because of your punani. Haven’t you noticed that we don’t even like hanging out with you unless we have to? Every chance we get we are off watching sports or hunting or fishing or playing golf or whatever. I got news for you bitches….fishing…it is boring as fuck. We do it to get away from you and have a few beers without having to listen to you bitch and moan about it. Hunting and most other things we do are the same thing, boring as fuck. And we’d rather hang out in a unheated, unairconditioned garage or work shed pretending we are building something, anything than listen to one more minute of you telling us what to do or why we aren’t good enough for your fat lazy ass. Did you honestly think we couldn’t wait to get home from work to … do more work? Whew that felt good.

The point of all this is that the further we slip into a matriarchal society the worse things are going to get. Women are afraid of guns. There go your gun rights. Women don’t want their precious little feelings to get hurt. There goes your freedom of speech. Women think everyone should be treated the same. There goes capitalism and with it innovation and incentive. The list goes on but I digress.

We have a couple of choices here. We can continue to allow women to do what they have been doing which is destroying everything.  Or …….

It is time for men to step up to the plate before women and girly boys destroy our civilization. Not just for us but for them too. You see guys they are too self absorbed and greedy and delusional to have any clue where this path we have allowed them to put us on must end up and by the time they figure it out it will be much too late while they cry like….girls in their Burka while being beaten with a stick or stoned.

Honey it is time you got your bitch ass back into the kitchen.




One thought on “If it Wasn’t for their Punani:

  1. Once again Patrick just nails it in plain english! Great call, and everyone knows it’s the truth but are afraid to throw it out there. Can’t wait to share this on my FB page to see the enormous beating I’m in for! hahahahaha d.s.

    On Wed, Feb 10, 2016 at 4:27 AM, The McCarthy Chronicles wrote:

    > Patrick posted: “This Op-Ed is addressed to the majority of women and the > kind of men who are afraid of a fight. In my eyes you are both women. So > when I say women I also mean you sorry excuses of men who wear pink and are > afraid of guns. No one ever tells the truth abou” >


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