Does Israel Have a Right to Exist?

I hear this being stated all the time that Israel has a right to exist. What does that mean exactly? Existence isn’t a right. It isn’t a right for people or countries or planets. Everything dies and even America will someday die. Maybe sooner than some of us would like to believe. Existence is a privilege not a right. If the human race screws up or if nature decides so mankind will someday no longer exist.

The question that should be asked is whether Israel should exist at all. Firstly it is completely incapable or supporting itself financially. The amount of money that is funneled just from the U.S. into Israel is staggering and there is no estimate that can do that flow of riches justice. Our government gives them tons of cash and weapons, a multitude of Jewish organization send them cash, many Christian churches send them money, and of course then there is the rabbi tax from most of the products you buy that is also funneled to Israel. Israel is the biggest parasite state in the world. Because of that we are all responsible for its actions.

Then of course is the shady way Israel was created in the first place. What right did the United Kingdom have to conquer one land and give it to someone else? Especially considering that the British government has promised self rule to locals to help them in WWI before pulling the rug out from underneath them.

Ah but isn’t Israel the ethnic homeland of the Jews? Not exactly. The truth is that if there are any real Jews in Israel no one has found them yet. The majority of Jews in Israel if not all of them are descended from Khazar which is basically Turkey. Their leaders converted to Judaism a few centuries ago and of course their people followed suit. This occurred after a long war against Muslim invaders and it is my theory that converting to Judaism is actually part of a long term plan of revenge. The Khazarians had no real religious beliefs prior to their war with the Muslims. They were a warrior people who conquered, raped, and pillaged at will until Islam reared its big ugly head. Peoples who conquer, rape and pillage at will kinda cop an attitude when someone does the same thing to them.

Furthermore according to the bible, and isn’t that what the founding of Israel was supposed to be all about, the Jews are not allowed by God to have their own country.

Israel was built on lies, conspiracy and subterfuge and it continues to exist for those reasons. Israel could not exist without the United States and Europe who are guilt tripped by the Israelis to support them. Given that it was created by the wealthiest bankers in the world this is appalling. Do they not rape enough wealth from the world already?

I have nothing against the Jewish people in general but this notion that Israel has a right to exist is complete nonsense. No nation has a right to exist and if we take the bible at face value in Gods eyes , Israel is an abomination.




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