Work Ethic in America

I often hear people complain about work in America. We have become a lazy society whose focus centers more on wasting time than on success.

For example look at how we practically worship Friday the last day of the work week for many of the unwashed masses. Friday adversely affects both Thursday and Fridays work production. Thursday Americans slack off eying Friday and Friday is spent clock watching and looking for an excuse to leave early. I used to hate weekends because inevitably it was just too much time to piss away the money I worked so hard for during the week. Lots of Americans are broke by Monday.

Monday doesn’t fare any better. Many employees drag themselves into work still exhausted from their “relaxing” weekend and maybe a little hung over and in both cases rarely ever even get out of that haze before noon.

It is a well established fact that if you’re buying a new American made car it is a good idea to look at the manufacturing date and avoid cars built on Mondays and Fridays because those cars tend to be lemons. So out of a 5 day work week we can reasonably say that at the max 3 of them are productive. We call Wednesday hump day so maybe only one day of the week is truly productive which means 80 percent of the work week in America is dedicated to slacking.

The rub on all of this is this 40 hour a week mentality. Here’s the truth the left won’t tell you; the chances of you becoming a financial success working 40 hours a week is almost zero. Self made rich people work every waking hour of every day and many even dream about how they are going to make more money and take that next step up the ladder of success. If you don’t believe that try starting your own business. Statistics claim that 80% of new businesses fail and if you take the poorly thought out ideas out of the equation the reason they fail is because those who attempt to start a new business enter that venture with the same work ethic they left their old job for.

Aside from being shiftless and lazy a lot of employees in America steal from their employers. A sticky pad here a paper clip there maybe a few 2×4’s that no one will notice missing. It doesn’t seem like much but when everyone is doing it, and trust me the majority are doing it, it adds a lot of costs to a business that is competing with other businesses that do the same thing. That was your raise you were “stealing.”

The final clog of this personal economic fail is many of you have convinced your children that they are too good for certain introductory jobs. When I was in my teens I was thrilled to work at fast food restaurants. Sure I would have rather been the CEO of IBM but the truth was I wasn’t even qualified to sweep the floor. These days sweeping the floor isn’t good enough for our little prima-donnas who think mom and dad owe them a car and if they don’t get one for their 16th birthday they are going to lash out against a world that has failed to provide them with what they are entitled to.

We have somehow morphed into the laziest people in the world and then we’re are surprised when our corporations start seeking workers from overseas to fill position we Americans should be filling or look with gaping pie holes as they move their entire operations to some shithole we can’t pronounce.

Yes it is true that our corrupt politicians have made it almost impossible to start your own business or even get a full time job anymore but what ever happened to where there’s a will there’s a way?

If you want to stop this trend we have to show the job makers that we want to work. We are not afraid to start from the bottom and work our way up. Herman Cain started working for minimum wage in a fast food restaurant that he eventually became a regional manager of and had he displayed some sexual restraint could very well have been president. He wasn’t too good to work in a fast food restaurant and he made good by working as many hours as he could and doing everything that was asked of him. How many times do you think that man went home smelling like burned cooking oil?

Folks we have to stop expecting government to solve all of our problems for us and take the bull by the horns and guide our own destiny. Can the government change the atmosphere and make things a little easier? Sure it can but the government cannot change how you feel about work. The government can not kick your lazy ass out off the couch or your computer chair. The government isn’t going to tell you that washing storefront windows cheaper and better than the other guy  is a great way to start a business.

You want to change Americas economy the first step starts with you.


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