Why Poor People Vote Republican for the Complete Liberal Idiot

Ok so this is a question mostly asked by Democrats especially their far left voters but since it is asked so often I thought I’d take the time today to answer that question for those progressives that troll any site that might remotely lean a little to the right. Besides some of you might actually share this opinion with some of your friends and some of them might be closet liberals.

First of all this is not some economic caste based system like India. For some reason Democrats seem to believe that people born into poverty remain in poverty their entire lives. This may be true for some for various reasons but for most Americans moving from one economic status to the other during their lifetime is a much more likely scenario. Rich people become poor and poor people become middle class and middle class people become poor or rich and the combinations are endless and the movement from one economic class to another is pretty common.

Up until fairly recently most people in the middle class wanted to be rich and most poor people wanted to be middle class or rich. There are still a lot of people in America who suffer from something called pride and these folks don’t want a handout they want an opportunity to make their own lives better on their own terms.

The government, federal, state and local governments have made it almost impossible to start your own business without a huge amount of capital investment so for most people who are poor or middle class starting their own business isn’t an option. Recently in New York City a man was arrested for selling cigarettes one at a time. Believe it or not a pack of smokes in NYC costs over $11 (I remember when I thought $1 was way too much) so certainly there was a market for selling them one at a time. People used to sell pencils during the Great Depression.

Since it is so difficult and expensive to start your own business and  80% of them fail in the first year, for most people their only hope of moving up the economic ladder is to be employed by someone else. So if you’re poor or middle class and you want to move up economically, and I’m pretty  sure most everyone does, the conditions must favor those who actually create jobs.

So of course the Democrats are so dumbfounded why wouldn’t they be. Don’t they wrap their arms around business and make things easier for business to do business? Oh wait that would be the Republicans (at least in theory).

What do the Democrats do? The cost of fuel goes down so they tax it more. They want to force all business to pay people $15 an hour to employ them even if they have no experience or are as dumb as a box of rocks. They make it cost businesses more to hire people by  making them pay for health insurance (or pay a fine) and a lame retirement plan and pay for unemployment insurance in case the company has to lay them off. Then there are environmental regulations and safety regulations and piles and piles of other regulations that force businesses to hire teams of lawyers so they can figure it all out and still remain in business. Not to mention that federal, state, county, and city governments want a piece of whatever action they can milk from these companies until in the end only major conglomerates can absorb the costs of doing business.

After all this what do democrats do? Well they demonize the big corporations who are by and large the only group that is offering jobs anymore because of them. Is it any wonder why there are more people taking government benefits right now than there are people working full time jobs?

The question; “Why do poor and middle class people vote Republican?” is actually a complete farce what someone should be asking is “Why do poor and middle class people vote for Democrats?”

Perhaps the reason is that Democrats and progressives and liberals are actually communists in disguise. They tell you that working hard and making something out of yourself is morally reprehensible. You should be spending your time writing poetry, sitting in drum circles, painting abstract portraits, reading, having sex with everyone you meet, throwing out your razors, and dressing in Good Will “sustainable” clothing. They tell you money grows on trees and everyone should get an equal share of the wealth even if some do more than others to make that wealth happen.

While they are feeding that pile of manure they are doing everything they can to divide people on race, sex, economic, religious and every other social state that they can so they can conquer the U.S.A. Then they tell you they are more patriotic for helping you see the light and fixing and changing this horrible nation.

They also claim all this crap is some new way of thinking when it is in fact the traditional American outlook on economics and rule that is the newest way of thinking mankind has ever put into practice. Clearly then it must be destroyed.

Why does anyone vote Democrat?

Maybe because we have let too many people into this country over the last 100 years or so and instead of giving them a chance to come around to our new way of thinking, they have brought to America the same things most people came here to get away from.

Come to America and get free stuff not come to America and work hard and earn the stuff you want. Free school, free housing, free food, free internet, free phones … where does it end. Yet with all these free things the one thing that isn’t free is dignity.

You want to know why poor people and middle class people vote for Republicans? Because without the rich doing well there is no opportunity for the poor and the middle class to rise above their station and change their stars. Without the ability to start ones own business or find a good job there can be no dignity.

People want to raise families, work hard,  earn a better life for themselves, feel like they have accomplished something positive for themselves, they want a spouse and 2.5 kids and a home of their own and the democrats don’t offer them any of that. Rather Democrats tell them wanting those things is immoral and evil.

Democrats offer people the invisible chains of control and submission.

Why do poor and middle class people vote for Republicans?
Because not everyone wants to be a parasite that’s why.


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