The American Bimbo


Probably the biggest change that has happened in America since that poisonous so called revolution in the late 1960’s has been the change that happened to American women. If the worst crime committed by women in America was to elect Barrack Obama (which they unquestionably did) I might not be writing this Op-Ed but women in America today have failed on so many levels that someone has to step up and point this out.

Much of the reason we are having so much trouble with political correctness or social Marxism is because of the womens lesbian movement commonly referred to as feminism whose ultimate goal seems to be to alienate women from men so much that they’ll have no choice but to join the lezbo ranks. A recent study conducted by a female psychologist bears this out as according to her findings most women who go lesbian do so because for one reason or another they can’t get a man ie loneliness. Given that men are rejecting marriage because of the obvious pitfalls for them it indicates that lesbianism is and will continue to be on the rise and women desperately seek companionship. In fact according to another study on dating, the least desirable women for men to date are white women (second from the bottom) and black women (dead last) who coincidentally make up most of the female population in America. BTW the most desirable women  for men are oriental Asians which says a lot about what really attracts men.

But what has really made America women bimbos isn’t just their attitudes of entitlement and superiority it is that they have become the sluts of the world. In fact they have become such shameless brazen sluts that there is even an anti slut shaming movement because being a slut is A ok.

Here’s a clue ladies. You don’t have to act and dress like a cheap $20 hooker to be sexy. When I was a teen in the 70’s women dressed in something called a maxi skirt and wore wedges as opposed to going pantyless in a skin tight little black dress with acrylic platforms. Todays young women look like whores so it is little surprise that good men ignore them and bad men treat them like toys to feel, fuck and toss away.

We live in a society that idolizes the cheap and tawdry touting a $800 handbag she obviously fucked some rich clown for.

This has become womanhood in America and it has nothing to do with dress size it has to do with exposure and attitude. What man would ever take todays American skank seriously especially if she can be gotten drunk enough to blow him in the bars parking lot and then disposed of as she’s puking next to the dumpster.

You have the pussy you have the power but if you’re going to put yourself out there as a skank looking for a meal ticket what you’re going to end up with is what you truly and so richly deserve.

Part of fixing America has to do with restoring our moral foundation and the first step in doing that is to change the narrative on women. You don’t have to fuck a man on the first or second or even third date and you don’t have to dress like a whore and you don’t have to support the women who do these things.

There is nothing wrong with being an elegant lady and in the end that is exactly the kind of woman most men want to raise a family with.


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