Did You Drop the Ball?



Most of the people I know both online and in the real world want to see Donald J. Trump become President of these United States. The problem is very few of them are interested in really doing anything to make that happen. There is no question that the establishment is going all out to see Trump defeated, that is to be expected they have ruled over Americans for a very long time now, so for Trump to win it will literally have to be in a landslide if we have any hope it defeating the shenanigans the GOP and the media are planning in the weeks and months ahead.

If Trump ends up losing who is really at fault? We complain that campaigning is costing way to much money yet we do little to alleviate that burden. What you and I can do in our spare time for free to support a candidate they have to spend millions on. So exactly what did you do yourself that ensures Trumps win? I bet it isn’t much but I also bet you’ll be the first to bitch and moan an cry foul if Cruz or more likely Rubio wins.

The problem with government in America and frankly throughout the rest of the free world isn’t the elected and appointed politicians it is the people themselves who mostly sit around waiting for someone to come and rescue them. Even if Donald Trump became president he couldn’t do any of the things we want him to do without our help. We’d need to blow up the phone, fax, and emails of every Congressman in the country at the very least. Are any of you doing that now? Are those of you with Republican representatives in Washington calling these people to demand that they publicly support Trump? Did you write editorials in your local newspaper have you spoken with your friends, neighbors, and coworkers about why they too should support Trump? Don’t lie to yourself.

People get exactly the kind of government that they deserve. With 20% of Americans even voting what do American deserve for a government? Exactly what we have, lawyers, criminals, and deceivers feeding us exactly the kinds of lies we want to hear so that we don’t have to be bothered by paying any attention to what these scalawags are really doing to us and this country. How many of you sent Paul Ryan a nice little note thanking him for the 800,000 Muslim “refugees” he just authorized? Hey just because German girls are being raped doesn’t mean these barbarians will do that here hun?

The point here is that Donald Trump is going to lose for the same reason Ron Paul lost in 2012. Both of these men depended on the citizens instead of the banksters and influence peddlers. This is what you really want. Because if you wanted something else you’d fight with everything you have for it.

I don’t see a lot of fighting going on.


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