Iowa: So What

Before the GOP debate last week and the Trump/Fox feud during into an all out war, the polls were saying that Cruz would win Iowa and by just about what he actually did. Cruz achieved this buy turning himself into a Baptist minister which of course was music to the evangelists who make up a large voting block in Iowa. What does this tell us?

When first of all it tells us that when Donald Trump as asking Iowans whether they were stupid or not they should have shouted back “YES”! When the nations economy is in the shitter and you elect the person that wants to take your jobs away they yes you are stupid. Just saying.

Secondly what these polls indicate is that despite the media hype and the questionable polling data close to any primary people had pretty much made up their minds a couple of weeks ago. The only real surprise here is Rubios performance which pretty much guarantees that a few of the bottom feeders will drop out of the race. Not Bush though. Even for a bottom feeder he is much too stupid and stubborn to give up on what he deserves.

What else does this tell you? Well if one set of polls is accurate about something doesn’t it also suggest they are accurate about other things they stated at the time? Like how Trump was killing it in every other state besides Iowa. We knew we were going to lose this state a couple of weeks ago. No shocker here. And we also know Trump is going to kick Canadian behind for the rest of the election.

So I can live with a Cruz win ……. so what.




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