Shame on CNN

Tonight (1/28/2016) CNN was to televise the Trump rally in Iowa for Americans Veterans but instead they spend their time with political pundits. Fortunately the event was broadcast live on YouTube and for once YouTube was practicing their heavy handed censorship as usual.

What was CNN thinking? Didn’t they realize they could have made a fortune just broadcasting the event? Instead they spent a bunch of money pretty much condemning Donald Trump. Have they learned nothing? You treat Trump unfairly you can pretty much depend on him treating you twice as badly. If (or rather when) Trump wins the Republican primary they’ll be begging him for interviews and I doubt he’s going to be bending over backwards after they screwed not just him but Americas vets.

But of course this is all just another establishment attempt to fight the will of the people.

America wants and needs Donald Trump and everyone who gets in the way of that will pay the price.

That means you too CNN.



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