Media Shenanigans: CNN’s Bogus Coverage

Not long after Donald Trump announced that he was holding a separate event from the GOP debate on FOX News we were told that CNN would be covering that event. Clearly CNN’s coverage of Trumps Veterans Aide Rally had the potential of drawing not just Trump supporters but a lot of other people who, out of either curiosity or for purely entertainment reasons would have been interested in seeing what was happening. The event hall only seated 700 yet thousands waited in the freezing Iowa weather complete with snow covered ground knowing they wouldn’t be admitted but only allowed to see the rally from outdoor screens provided by Team Trump. Some people got in line for those 700 seats at 11:00 to wait 6 hours in that weather to be admitted just to be in the vicinity of The Donald and maybe get a glimpse of him as he entered and exited the hall. That is a pretty dedicated group of people. All this unfolded in just 24 hours so you might think the CNN ratings for that event would be …. well you know ….. huge.

But instead of getting to watch the rally what the people who watched CNN Thursday night got was a round table of some of the most nauseating political pundits they could find who mostly sat around making the same statements and asking the same questions over and over again without even the event in a corner screen to provide a respite from the coma inducing nobodies who weren’t even sitting at the same table together. I’m pretty sure that there was more commercial time run than actual rally. I can’t imagine any Trump supporter or even anyone else wanting to see the rally solely for the entertainment value sitting through much of that. Odd how that program didn’t get very high ratings huh.

For those dedicated people who wanted to watch the rally they had little choice but to do so on their computer monitors (at least the ones who could find it) or on C-Span for those who have that service and surfed through all their cable channels and managed to find it. For the rest it is most likely that they just switched over to FOX to watch the rest of the Republican field make asses out of themselves. In that regard they weren’t disappointed.

What CNN did was commit not just fraud by claiming to cover a rally they actually had zero intention of covering properly but they also did a disservice to the American people who looked to them to do so. The fix was in and CNN was going to make sure that Trumps event got the worst ratings possible for his event. Duh! Now every news organization from here to Bangor could make the claim that Trumps rally was a mistake and failure despite the fact that it raised over six million dollars to help Americas war veterans.

As far as FOX ratings go their event was second to the bottom of the debates so far, which works out to about half of the ratings that their best numbers for all GOP debates churned out for this primary season. The worst rating came from the previous debate which was held on FOX Business which has and had a very limited reach compared to FOX News as not all cable companies carry FOX Business as part of their basic cable service.

So here we have CNN in bed with FOX News. Who would have thunk? But this should come as no surprise since we have recently learned that FOX News is only pretending to be a conservative news source and its real agenda is the open boarders progressive liberal NWO policy. No matter how many times they have failed this election season the media continues to believe that they and they alone write the narrative and by hook or by crook they can force us to come around to the kind of thinking they want us to have.

If CNN had any integrity at all their journalists (so called) would be hanging their heads in shame today over the fraud they perpetrated on the American people last night. They of course have no integrity as last nights so called coverage clearly demonstrated.

And the media wonders why Americans no longer trust them and continue to seek out sources on the internet to find their news. Trump wasn’t the big loser last night it was CNN who gave up the chance to earn ratings the honest way and decided to throw themselves under the bus in a fruitless attempt to stop Donald J. Trump at any cost.

We the people are and will continue to be #teamtrump.



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