Why Not Donald Trump?



As we get closer to the Iowa Caucus and the throngs of torch and rope carrying news media and establishment conservatives ramp up their rhetoric against Donald J. Trump the question must be asked, “What are they so scared of ?”

Let’s be honest here, these people are acting as if Joseph Stalin or Fidel Castro is making a run for the presidency. Not since Ron Pauls 2012 candidacy have we seen the establishment so bent on killing someones campaign. I read dozens of articles each and every day and you’d think The Rapture was scheduled for next weeks caucus.

There is something satanically wrong with the reaction from the media and the establishment. The Republican Party should be thrilled to have a candidate that is performing so strongly in the primaries against such a large field and one who is not just bringing minorities to the party but people who either have never voted or haven’t voted in years. Trump is a businessman and isn’t the conservative movement all about making things better for business? And as far as the media is concerned Trump is a cash cow who is making even the lamest news organizations rich beyond their wildest dreams during a campaign season. These clowns should be dancing in the streets not lighting torches and calling for the posse.

There is something very deep and corrupt that is being shielded from the American people and they sense it too which is why the more these talking heads react so badly the more Americans are flocking to Trumps standard. They are pulling out all the stops exposing themselves as the evil corrupt bastards we always suspected them of being and now have real evidence to prove. Yesterday we got a piece of just how corrupt the system is when it was reveled that FOX News, the network that claims it represents conservatism, is actually promoting open boarders.

So how far down does the rabbit hole go and what exactly are these people trying to keep from us? It must be pretty awful to go to such lengths to, as so many of them have put it, “Stop Trump.”


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