Trump vs. Fox: Show or No Show?

Tomorrow (Thursday 1/27) is the final GOP debate before the Iowa caucus and once again FOX and Trump are at each others throats. Trump has threatened to be a no show at the debate and as the clock ticks away people are wondering whether he is actually going to skip the debate all together.

Before we get too deeply into the answer let us make one thing perfectly clear. Donald Trump thinks he is a “very smart guy.” After watching this man for the last 6+ months only someone in extreme denial could claim that Donald’s assessment of himself isn’t 100% spot on. Donald Trump isn’t just a very smart guy he is absolutely brilliant. At every turn The Donald has beaten every political pundit, journalist, news organization, political party and politician at their own games. He has whipped them all like a BDSM master and claiming to be a “very smart guy” is the most humble statement of the century. Trump has proved time and time again that he is much smarter than anyone and America is starting to wake up to that as his numbers clearly indicate. Frankly we should just put a crown on him, call the game and get to work making America great again. Imagine what he would do to our enemies without even firing a bullet at them.

First let’s pretend that Trump is a no show at the debate. Does anyone really think that the entire debate wouldn’t be about him? I doubt the moderators would be capable of asking a single question that the dopes onstage wouldn’t turn into a condemnation of their master. Remember the old axiom about publicity; good publicity is not different than bad publicity it is all good. Without even setting food on the stage his presence would be the dominating presence on that stage and everyone knows it. That is of course assuming that anyone would watch it. Ratings for primary debates have never been so high or even close to this high. People watch to see Donald, gripping on to the arms of their couches and chairs waiting on pins and needles for his response to anything. No one is going to go out of their way to listen to the rest of the corrupt field of wolves.

It is pretty obvious Trump has nothing to lose by not showing and FOX has everything to lose (big big money) if Trump fails to show. American media has become mega revenue entertainment and the simple fact of the matter is FOX can’t afford to see an empty space at the podium where the front runner should be. The dumbest thing they can do is throw all that money away over one “talent”. Is Megyn Kelly going to make up for that financial loss?

Frankly I don’t think Trump is intimidated by Kelly one bit. Trump wants something from FOX. Can you guess what it is?

A while back The Donald said that he thought FOX and the other news organizations should donate some of the profits they make because of his audience draw to a worthy cause and in his mind that worthy cause has something to do with American veterans as he has mentioned several times over the last few months. When asked what he would do with his time if he didn’t show up at the debate he even said that he wanted to have a fundraiser for war veterans hinting to FOX the path to making sure he ascends that stage on Thursday night. Just like Trump Wall, Donald wants some money for a pet project of his and he wants someone else to pay for it and by getting FOX to comply with this demand he will be able to prove to the American people two very important things; one that he is sincere about wanting to do for vets what all those other politicians on both sides of the fence have talked at length about and failed to accomplish and two that he can really really make Mexico pay for Trump Wall.

Perhaps he is not the candidate every American wants but without a doubt he’ll be the president every American needs.



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