Abortion: What They Neglect to Mention


If you look for womens “choice” things on the internet you might think that having an abortion is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I’ve seen women, some of whom are celebrities so proud of their “choice” that they even don tee shirts proclaiming “I had an abortion.” Some of the Madison Avenue tactics are so endearing if I was a woman I think I’d be trying to get pregnant just so I could get an abortion and brag about it later. It kinda sounds like a right of passage like an inner city Black man going to prison. You just aren’t really a woman until someone has scraped a baby out of your hole.

What never seems to get any mention is what happens to the woman after she has her abortion. As you get older no matter what sex you are you tend to judge yourself rather harshly for the mistakes you have made in life. For a woman, a creature who over thinks everything and whose mind generally runs at warp 10 constantly, it is pretty likely that at some point she is going to regret having an abortion. No matter how good the pro “choice” people are at convincing young women that abortion is the “right” thing to do, eventually that young woman is going to mature and when she does …. well it is pretty hard not to look at abortion as murder. The murder of a baby, your baby by your hand.

The truly sickening part is the level of pressure placed upon women if they do have an unplanned pregnancy. If she’s married her husband may convince her that they are not financially ready to have a child. They would not be able to give their baby everything under the sun and the lifestyle would change radically. Maybe they simply don’t have a house yet and it’s only $350 because the government subsidizes it.

If she isn’t married her boyfriend is likely to do whatever he can to avoid his financial responsibility and quite frankly who could blame him as the courts will sentence him to a lifetime of poverty and probably a few months in jail here and there. He has two choices if she has the baby and both of them will cost him his freedom, so he is going to lay some heavy guilt on her.

If she is a teen she can certainly depend on her parents to ride her about getting an abortion. Heck she is almost out of the house and their responsibility is almost over. This was supposed to be their time. She isn’t going to be capable of supporting the child and they don’t want to go through all of that again they had planned to go to Europe after the kids left. For many teens having the child would result in being kicked out of their parents home homeless and with a child. Even the President doesn’t want either one of his girls to have to live with a “mistake” all their lives.

Then there is the whole “a baby will ruin your body” argument. Yes in our shallow world of perfect princesses a woman who has had a child just can’t compete with a woman whose body still resembles that of a teenage beauty queen. And don’t forget what man wants to hook up with a woman or girl with a baby? Pedophiles and control freaks most likely because sane men don’t want someone elses brat in their lives and have to deal with that kind of insanity forever no matter how hot mommy looks. Oh sure she’ll get laid if she’s hot but normal guys aren’t likely to stick around.

Clearly the pressures placed upon women to have an abortion are tremendous so much so that abortion seems to be the much better option in every case of unplanned pregnancy.

And yet it isn’t her husband, boyfriend, piers, or even her parents who have to spend the rest of their lives burdened with what she has done. In the case of abortion she bears the cross and the pain of what she has done alone. No one else can understand what she is going through when she realizes that she has killed her baby and what she might go through her entire life for doing it.

People claim that having a child can ruin your life but the exact opposite can also be true it can save your life. Having a child means thinking about someone else more than your own selfish ass. It can mean that you are challenged to step up to the plate of life instead of floating through it with a purpose to succeed and do something good with your life. A child can be a god send for every life that child touches. It wasn’t that long ago when almost every child was born to teenagers and most of them turned out pretty well.

Abortion is the real war on women. A war that tells them that they are not good enough to even fulfill what biologically they were created for. A war that tells them that the only things that matter is how their body looks to others. A war that denies them their natural nesting instincts. A war that breaks her and fills the rest of her days with pain and regret and the people who have done this to her are those she respects the most and those closest to her.

Abortion isn’t just scraping an inconvenience out of a womans fuck hole, it is an immoral war against the very soul of womanhood itself. And American society, as sick and twisted as it has become, is replacing real womanhood with mentally ill men who think implants, makeup, and a party dress make them a real woman.

The war on women doesn’t come from the right it comes from the left.


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