Women Need Men Like Fish Need Bicycles

In the politically correct western world women have been made to believe that anything a man can do they can do better. The ultimate manifestation of this fantasy is the presidential  candidacy of Hillary Clinton whose political career has been both high profile and extremely lacking in accomplishments. Even so many of her followers both men and women believe that she can lead better than any man running for office simply because she is a woman. A women who was unable to hold her pee for more than a few minutes of a DNC debate.

I am calling this idea that women can do anything a man can do a fantasy because that is exactly what it is a fantasy. Over the last several decades Hollywood has been portraying women as warriors and amazing fighters but the truth is women are neither and as we have begun to fill our military with females who have to be given special assistance because they are incapable of surviving the rigors of what previously to their arrival  passed for “boot camp” it has become increasingly clear that women in fact cannot do many things that men can do, much less do them better. Men by nature have something women to not have and that is an incredible amount of upper body strength in comparison. Mens bone structure is much stronger as are their muscles and overall durability. The traditional role of men has been to protect women and children both physically and financially.

Mens minds are also much more organized and capable of a higher degree of cognitive thinking than the minds of women. Evidence of this can be clearly seen in the male dominated game of Chess which requires nothing more than a sharp mind and the ability to calculate several complex scenario outcomes several moves in advance. A good chess player will be able to work out in his mind all the possible outcomes of any move he might make. That is why several minutes often pass between each move in the game.

In 1970 Irina Dunn an Australian educator, journalist and politician coined the phrase, “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle. This is a variation of an earlier quote  “A man without faith is like a fish without a bicycle,” by Charles S. Harris in 1958. The feminist movement picked up on this and made it their mantra and ever since little girls have grown up believing they don’t need men. Worse than that, little boys have grown up believing this nonsense too.

Predictably the truth always floats to the top as the women of Europe are beginning to discover for themselves. In a recent YouTube video a 16 year old German girl Bibi Wilhailm pleads with the men of Germany to protect German women, girls and children from the third world Islamic refugee horde of mostly Middle Eastern and North African men who view European women as objects to be raped and beaten at will. These animals were invited to invade Germany and Europe by a female politician.

Why would European women need men to protect them from refugees? Are they not capable of defending themselves? Do they not have the hearts of warrior princesses able to leap buildings in a single bound and stop out of control locomotives? Can they not protect themselves and their children from the surge of neanderthals that many of them were eager to see come to Europe? And how did European men respond? After decades of being emasculated and feminized they put on skirts and marched in protest. Ah the web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

The truth is the fairer sex desperately needs men. Their denial of that simple axiom has turned them into meat for human animals. Unable to realize this grave error progressive liberals and feminists have either completely ignored the plight of these women and/or have soap-boxed religious freedom and diversity seemingly unaffected by the molestation’s and rapes of thousands of women and girls. Females of the west have been placed on the alter of sacrifice for the sake of political ideology.

Incidences of molestation, beating and rapes will continue unabated as politicians and the media continue to hide and downplay the plethora of growing incidences of the abuse of women and children. This is the real war on women and this is a war women are losing badly and will continue to lose and no one seems to give a dam.

I can’t help feeling bad for women but in truth there is a part of me that also understands that they have brought this on themselves. For many years now men have been walking way from marriage and now they are getting boob jobs and putting on dresses because they have been taught that being a man, a real man is a very very bad thing.

There simply aren’t enough real men around anymore to protect womankind.







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