What Your Neighbors Don’t Know Can Kill You

Internet news hounds like me (and probably you if you’re reading this) are very well informed people for the most part. They tend to know what is going on in Deerborn, Michigan, are well aware of the true goals of Islam and Taqiyya, and are deeply saddened by the mass molestation’s and rapes of the women and children of Western Europe. However the odds of your neighbors knowing about such things are often slim to none. Much like the European press, politicians and authorities Americas press, politicians and authorities work around the clock to suppress and minimize these these stories to the American public for if they did not Americans from sea to shining sea would be outraged. How else can one explain the Senate getting away with authorizing 800,000 Islamic “refugees” from the Middle East and North Africa to invade our shores? These stories should be at the top of the news hour on every network but instead what you’ll most often see is stories about how Donald Trump is a racist/bigot and stories about snowstorms.

Just yesterday I was speaking to someone I had though was relatively intelligent who had no clue about what was going on in Europe right now and seemed genuinely shocked and dismayed when I told him. In fact not a single one of my neighbors who I have tried to speak to on these subjects over the last several weeks seemed to know anything at all about the things I’ve mentioned here. Is it any wonder then why so many Americans are following the same foolish path as the Europeans before them by defending allowing these hordes of Islamic monsters into America? These people mean well and have the best of intentions they simply don’t have a clue what is really going on with these people or why Islam cannot and will never mesh with American standards of civilization.

We cannot depend on the mainstream media to be our voice anymore and that is clear as rain. For the last several decades these journalists have decided what we should be allowed to know and how we should feel about ourselves and the world around us. It is impossible to believe that they are not fully aware of what is really going on. It is their job to know and if people like you and me, normal Joes and Janes from Main Street are able and willing to do the legwork how is it that journalists and others in Americas news media cannot or more likely will not?

What this means is that it is up to us, you and me to inform our friends and neighbors as well as encourage them to inform their friends and families about what is really going on. The suppression of information has set Europe on a path of destruction that can no longer he stopped. In a few short years their traditions, culture and civilization will be lost to the world as Muslims plop out children at an average rate of 8 per family while Europeans do so at less than 2. Islam will dominate Europe in less than 20 years and the math cannot be denied anymore. It is over for them Europe is essentially gone and we wait patiently for the fat lady to ascend the stage.

Is this what you want for America? Because if it is not your voice must be heard. You must tell your friends, neighbors, family members, people at work and you must even grab people on the street and tell them what is going on in Europe and that the same thing is unfolding in America. You have to call, fax and e-mail your elected officials every day and make sure they get the message that you will not tolerate the destruction of your country for the sake of political ideology and political correctness. There is no question that America must close its boarders and purge itself of any people or groups of people that threaten our culture, our freedom and our way of life.

But if you’re gonna sit there in that fucking chair doing nothing while wondering why no one else is coming to fix this then you deserve what is coming and what is coming is absolute madness.9d0966b605d7c152990270a4755ee903


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