800,000 Conservative Values

The panic in the GOP establishment is reaching epic proportions. As each day passes it becomes more clear that not only is Donald Trump likely to win the Republican Primary but he might just win in one of the biggest landslide elections in the history of the party incumbent presidents included. The general election is looking very good as well given that the Democrats haven’t been able to come up with a viable candidate and their representative is likely to be a self admitted socialist who will never make it through the general election public vetting process. In essence if Trumps supporters aren’t just full of hot air and actually go out, register Republican, vote and caucus this race is over and Trump will be the next President of these United States.

Intellectual Conservatives at the National Review were so panic stricken that the entire staff got together to condemn Donald Trumps presidential bid. That turned out to be a huuuge mistake as the flailing magazine has received tons of angry phone calls, letters, faxes, and emails from voters around the country many of whom have canceled their subscriptions to the rag. Academia doesn’t live on Main Street whether it is from the left or the right and American voters know it. Throwing their support behind Paul Ryan has sealed their fate as voters see Ryan as an even worse RINO than John Boehner.

The Republican Establishment would have you believe that Donald Trump just isn’t conservative enough. Compared to what the establishment believes that is a fair enough assessment. Trump leans more towards the middle than the war mongering far right who seems eager to go balls to the wall against Russia who is now more capitalistic economically and democracy oriented than most of our allies, over regime change in Syria while completely ignoring Isis aside from the hot air they spew about carpet bombing. But what exactly does being a conservative mean to the establishment?

Apparently according to a bill recently passed by the Republican controlled Senate it means bringing another 800,000 Middle Eastern and Northern African Muslim refugees into America. You know those awesome people who have been attacking Caucasian women all over Europe and defecating and ejaculating in public swimming pools in Germany. Those same people who tell Europeans that they will behead them if they do not convert to Islam and are destroying the heritage and culture of ancient civilizations across the world especially those with Christian based heritage. Establishment republicans call Trump crazy and un-American for wanting to close Americas boarders to this invading uncivilized horde.

And lets not forget that these same “intellectual” Republicans call Trump crazy for wanting to build a wall on Americas southern boarders, claim we are incapable of building such a wall, and condemn Trump for wanting to hold South Americans and others accountable for breaking the Federal Laws of the United States by shipping illegals back to their homes of origin. It isn’t their jobs in Washington and New York that are being threatened by this influx of cheap labor in fact since most of these people are heavily invested in the market and enjoy the benefits of insider trading they actually profit from this and the voters know it. Yet they still claim, like they have for decades, that they want to secure Americas boarders even though they have no real viable working plan and they sure as hell have no intention of deporting any of these criminals.

Clearly conservative values must mean beholding to crony capitalism and world banks at the expense of Joe and Jane Main-Street but Joe and Jane have finally woken up and they have had just about enough.

So Donald Trump isn’t conservative enough for the criminals who have been dominating Washington and the media. Far out man. Nothing could make me happier.



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