Jane Fonda: Traitor or Bimbo?

Ever since the Vietnam War people have been pretty hard on Jane Fonda and the question has to be asked whether she is a bonafide traitor or just a bimbo we’re all taking much to0 seriously.


Jane Fonda grew up in Hollywood privilege as the daughter of one of Americas great thespian icons Henry Fonda. Imagine that. Having few worries other than whether you are going to live up to the trail your father blazed before you.

Jane was without a doubt one of the premier sex kittens of her time. Back in the days when a young mans porn consisted of National Geographics images of naked women in Africa and the occasional fuzzy picture on U.H.F. T.V. Jane Fonda was responsible for a lot of 13 year old boys discovering their penis’ and a lot of mens fantasies.


The truth is Jane Fonda was absolutely stunning. She was the flat chested version of Raquel Welch in an age when thin, flat chested and a pretty face was the best of the best. When she was young everything was exploding from civil rights to womens rights, to rock and roll, the Vietnam war, the cold war, drug culture and the sexual liberation of … well everybody. That is a lot of revolution for one sheltered little girl whose only attribute seemed to be her famous dad and her own beauty.


Imagine being treated as little more than an object of lust at a time when women were breaking free of the kitchen. Couple that with the ambition of youth and it kinda makes sense that she would want to make her own heel print on the world and not just be Henrys siren daughter.

For those of you who weren’t around for the Vietnam War I can tell you it was a shit storm. As a young boy the only thing my father would let us kids watch on a daily basis was the evening news and it was all bad. Young men were forced into the military to go die in a foreign land whether they liked to or not to have their lives vanquished in the blossoming of their youth because of some vote mongering politicians in Washington. Odds are your son was coming home in a box and in the little farming community that I grew up in just about everyone who was forced into that war came home in a box. It was terrible times and all I could think about growing up was turning 18 and dying in some rice paddy far away.


So here we have what basically would be considered by a now old guy like me, a little girl coming into her own wanting to make a difference in the world. Looking back on all of it I can’t pretend not to understand how and why Jane Fonda did the things she did. A lot of young people back then did the exact same things they just didn’t have the spotlight like Jane did. It also seems to me that she was pretty much used by the men in her life so taking that into consideration it explains a lot. Today it isn’t surprising that as we look back with red, white and blue colored glasses we see a distorted picture of what we now quickly claim is the traitorous actions of a treacherous woman. It is easy to come to that conclusion in 2016. But back when Fonda was labeled Hanoi Jane times were very very different than they are today.


I’ve come to the conclusion that Jane Fonda isn’t evil incarnate like some think she is but more of (for lack of a better term) a bimbo. It is our fault that we have taken her so seriously when the facts seem to suggest that she was and probably still is deep inside a spoiled little rich girl who is famous for her Daddy and for her looks who desperately wanted and still wants to make a name for herself and a difference in the world. There are people in our world who are truly evil and some of them most people are afraid to call out and just try to ignore them. Sure good intentions are the road to hell but most of us have traveled a few miles down that road from time to time so maybe we should just give Jane a break as there are much much bigger fish to fry.

I think I’ll remember her for the sex siren she once was. Dam she was hot and a lot better looking than the fat assed fake big titted whores that we have spread all over our TV sets today.


I think I’ll save my hanging rope for others who are much more deserving than Jane.


One thought on “Jane Fonda: Traitor or Bimbo?

  1. Lmao her mother killed herself, her father was absent and ignored her and Jane was a victim of CSa, bulmia and body dysmorphia but sure she had a easy childhood


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