They Still Can’t Hear Us

There are a lot of people in the establishment that are in absolute shock right now. How in the hell has Donald Trump become the front runner in the Republican primaries? How could they be so wrong? From commentators to politicians to big money donors they are all shaking their heads in disbelief. None of them expected Trump to make it half this distance and if things keep going the way they are it now seems likely that he will win it all not just the Republican convention but even the White House.

We are not doing what we are supposed to be doing. The people are supposed to follow their leaders not lead them. At least that is the way it seems to have gone for as long as anyone can remember. How did this happen? How is this possible? What is going to happen to those guys if this continues?

But wait. If only they stay the course. Maybe if they continue to prop up their guys like Bush and  Christie or maybe even Rubio….what about Kasich? Wait what if they backed Cruz as the “non establishment” candidate? Someone has to be able to stop this guy. They can’t control him. Politics isn’t his career. What to do what to do.

It has gotten to the point that the articles and stories and opinion editorials that bash Trump have just become so much comedy. It is kinda sad really. You can hear the desperation in every single letter they type. Their little house of cards is getting pretty shaky right now and they are running out of time.

But it just goes to show how little these people think about main street. No matter how loud we scream “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore,” they simply can’t hear us. They don’t want to hear us. They want to “tell” us and it just isn’t working anymore.

They will continue to throw everything they have at Donald Trump. What other choice do they have really? Surely they are not going to admit that they have been wrong about Trump all along. The clouds will part, a rainbow will appear, and a unicorn will come and save the day for them. If it doesn’t no one will ever believe a word they say anymore.

I guess they just haven’t figured out that we don’t believe a word they say now.3rdPartyNRD-600


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