The Establishment Embraces Rape

Europe has a real problem. Women are not safe to walk the streets in Europe anymore. There is no doubt that the reason it is no longer safe for women to walk the streets anymore in Europe is because of immigration from North Africa and the Middle East. A flood of Muslim “refugees” has brought with it a flood of rapes throughout Western Europe. It isn’t just rapes either. There is nothing wrong with enslaving infidels in Islam so along with the rapes Muslims have been capturing Caucasian women and using and selling them as sex slaves. In many places in Europe Caucasian women have become so frightened that they are dying their hair black and covering their heads so they don’t get beaten, raped and/or enslaved to find themselves as nothing but commodities on the Black Market. This dirty little secret has been going on for a long time now with authorities, politicians and the liberal media doing everything they can to cover it up. However it has become so commonplace that the cat is now out of the bag and the world is starting to take notice after ignoring the issue for years.

And even though this has been going on for years Angela Merkel invited a million more Muslim “refugees” who are mostly male into Germany as have other European leaders. Though the general population may not have been aware of how big the problem was due to the authorities and the media covering it up in the name of political correctness, Europe’s leaders knew. Just like our leaders know.

The only person running for President in America right now who wants to put a stop to this madness is Donald Trump who has been chastised for his stand against any more of these “refugees” by the usual suspects. The same groups who have been covering up these atrocities in Europe, politicians, the media and the authorities are the same groups now attacking Trump for asking for nothing more than a halt of all Muslims immigrants until the problem can be addressed and a proper vetting process put into place.

This is a war on women. Western Women have been placed on the alter of political correctness to be abused in the worst ways possible all in the name of political correctness. Our leaders have basically turned their backs on the fairer sex just so that they can convince each other that they are open minded or whatever.

The question we must now ask ourselves is whether the exact same thing is already happening in America. We already know that Black on White crime is rarely reported here in the States so is it too much to assume that Muslim on Caucasian women crime isn’t also being swept under the rug. Are the Muslims who have been flooding into America during the Obama regime really any different than the ones who have been flooding into Europe? A “moderate and renowned female Islamic professor” named Al-Azhar stated that rape is acceptable behavior within a Muslim society. Raping infidels is therefore a major part of the Islamic tradition. America is absolutely chalk full of female infidels.

It is much too late for Europe. Even if they halted all Muslim immigration their society and culture will soon disappear forever from the face of the planet. Without Donald Trump in the White House our own society and culture will soon follow.

Are our women not worth standing up and fighting for or should we just put them all in chains and hand them over now and just get it over with?2830murder-672x372


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