STFU and Sit Down Mark Levin

Levin: “I’m Sick and Tired of Stupid Talk!”
Gee you know what? So am I and unfortunately lately I’ve been hearing a lot of stupid talk from Mark Levin and to be honest, for me it kinda came out of left field. There is an old saying that even a broken clock is right twice a day but in Levins case even a good clock can break from time to time.
Levin has been getting a lot of attention lately for attacking Donald Trump by trying to minimize the fact that if we take the Constitution on its face value, Ted Cruz is ineligible the be POTUS. Just a tiny bit of digging into the founding father who insisted that the “natural born” clause was added to the Constitution (it wasn’t in the original) confirms that people like Cruz were intended to be excluded from the highest office in the land.
Levin calls this stupid talk.
Levin also thinks it is ok for Cruz to ridicule New Yorkers with blanket statements about their values and that it is normal for Ivy League Lawyers to make paperwork errors.
Cruz is developing a really nice pattern of being an asshole and Levin doesn’t want you to be paying any attention to that. Seriously WTF Mark? I started paying attention to this guy because I thought he was on the up and up and now he just seems like another establishment shrew. I’m not saying Trump is an angel (I don’t want an angel in the WH anyway) but these are some pretty serious concerns and for Levin to try to sweep them under the rug …. that is pretty messed up.
Trump is also absolutely right that Cruz could clear up the birther issue at any time and could have long ago but he hasn’t. What is he afraid of that a court might rule against him? There is also no doubt that should he win the nomination progressive liberals will drag this issue through the courts so why on earth is Levin telling you to “move along there is nothing to see here.”
I can’t speak for anyone else but Mark Levin has lost an awful lot of credibility with me.
Given this dismal number of views lately on YouTube for Marks channel it appears that I’m not the only one who has become a bit disenchanted with “the great one.”

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