The Perverted World of Academia

If you listen to teachers and teaches unions rhetoric about the people who teach your children and college students (who are adults not children though they are often refereed to as children) you might come to the conclusion that these individuals represent the best of the best especially in the area of morality. They don’t get paid enough and because of cheapskate taxpayers they often have to spend some of their own meager salaries on the basic school supplies that those cheapskate taxpayers refuse to pay for. Ah those poor angels sacrificing themselves on the alters of righteousness. But like so many other things we have been taught by the socialist media it is complete B.S. Most teaches do not spend their own meager salaries on school supplies for their students and as far as morality goes … well LOL.

I grew up in an academic household as my step father was a teacher employed by the state. His specialty was working with children and adults with mental disabilities and when he was employed by the state I was often forced to spend my summers and other vacation periods with him and his students and other teachers. He also did teacher workshops so I’d get stuck having to go to those events as well so I was around teachers often. Later in life when I was in college thinking that I might want to become a teacher myself I worked as an after school counselor for both the Jewish Community Center and the Palm Beach County School Board. The point is, I’ve spent an awful lot of my time around teaches. I mention this to show that I have an insiders view of academia that most people do not have.

How about your knowledge of teachers outside of the occasional P.T.A. meeting you might have attended on behalf of your children? I bet there are not a lot of them hanging out at your local watering hole. The world of academia is much like the world of so called law enforcement meaning it is mostly segregated from the rest of society. It is its own little world apart from the rest of us. A secret society if you will.

One of academia’s dirty little secrets is that their secret society is a hotbed of illicit sex.

Even as a teen hanging around the old man at school and at his teaching workshops I could feel the incredibly high sexual tension in the air. Female teachers were often flirting with him and after my mother divorced him we came to discover that he got one of his fellow teachers pregnant. I have walked into classrooms on more than one occasion to smell the stench of a very recent sexual encounter and while I was in college working for the school board even I was banging one of the teachers and she was living with another guy. It was nothing but sex and we both understood that. The funny part was it was no secret among any of the other employees at the school (which I didn’t discover until I moved on to something else during my final days at that job).

We have all read about teachers having sex with students and over the past several years it is female teachers having sex with male students that has dominated the news. I guess there just aren’t enough male teachers anymore.  These incidents are of course just the tip of the iceberg because as you might guess most of the time such activities remain on the down low. Not a lot of teenage boys who bang their 20 something year old teachers are quick to raise their hands and expose the woman for the sexual deviant that she is. Especially in a culture that would chastise the student for doing so. Several years ago in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida about 20 high school and middle school teachers were exposed as being members of a BDSM sex club and though the state wanted to dismiss them the school board and the teachers union wasn’t having any of that and after a few weeks the story got swept under the rug. Odds are if you are not a teacher but you are married or dating one that teacher is having a lurid affair with someone at school whether it is a student or another teacher and everyone at the school knows it. Like the police have a thin blue line teachers have a thin chalk line. Maybe that is why few teachers frequent bars. The rest of us go to bars looking to get laid they already have that inherently covered at work.

The point is that teachers are far from the icons of morality you might have been convinced they are and that they often pretend to be. They live in a world completely detached from the one the rest of us live in so is it any wonder why their views are often very different from the views of the majority of the people?

The teaching profession needs to be cleaned up because that the moment what we have is a bunch of sexual deviants educating our children and young people. Little reason why these people don’t see handing out condoms to 6 year olds as wrong or teaching sexual education is elementary school is more than just a little out of line.

They can’t teach the difference between right and wrong because they have no clue themselves as to where that line is.



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