Ted Cruz is a Bigot

Recently Ted Cruz implied that there was something wrong with the values of New Yorkers. That’s a little bit much. Just because some peoples ideas about economics and politics might not be the same as yours or mine doesn’t mean their values should be questioned. And even if politics and economic beliefs dictated a persons values which of course they do not, the people of New York City have pretty much the same ideas about politics as every other major city in America. Every major city has huge entitlement programs that suck the city and often the rest of the state they are in dry. Very few if any of Americas big cities are self sustaining and they are all littered with homeless people living in the streets.

What Cruz was doing was not just condemning New York City because of its politics and economic principles but he was trying to make the case that there is something wrong with Yankees in general a very divisive tactic on his part and certainly something a very divided country can do without right now.

But Ted Cruz’s bigotry doesn’t just end with New York and Yankees in general, this native of Americas hat has done the same thing to Arab Christians. When he was invited to speak at a conference of Middle Eastern Christians in Washington D.C. decided to make his speech not so much about Christians being exterminated in the Middle East by Jihadists but instead about Israel and how Syria was Americas enemy.

It is absolutely impossible to believe that Cruz didn’t know that some of the Christians in attendance might be Syrians. Syria has a rather large Christian population and there aren’t a lot of Syrian rebels that are Christians in fact Christians have been victims of Syrian rebels as well as Isis (both funded by the Obama regime). Then he went on to talk about how Jews escaped to the Nation of Israel in 1948. Perhaps he was not aware that Arabs were displaced from what is now Israel by the British to fulfill their World War I debt to the Zionist bankers of Europe (see the Balfour Declaration)? Unless he is as dumb as a box of rocks his purpose there given the context of his speech wasn’t to support the Middle Eastern Christians who had asked him to speak there, he could have done that just fine without even mentioning Israel at all, his goal must have been to make a public statement about Israel at the expense of people whose family members might have lost their heads to Isis.

Rafael Cruz (his real name) has got a lot of nerve.

What Rafael is establishing is a pattern of bigotry and a willingness to display that bigotry openly. Makes me wonder who else he doesn’t like besides New Yorkers and Arabs. I’m pretty sure he has made disparaging remarks about California in the past. How will these bigoted comments manifest themselves in the general election should he win the Republican nomination?

Trump on the other hand loves everyone. Instead of referring to Southerners as a buncha racist backwoods hicks as the left often implies he has embraced them and opened his arms to them and they have responded in kind. Hispanics have begun to feel his love despite the lies the media tells about him and every day more and more Hispanics are coming out in support of him. Trump doesn’t even hate Muslims he just wants to be 100% sure that we don’t let in any Jihadists and given that Jihadists kill more Muslims than anyone that is a good thing even for Muslims. In every appearance Trump makes he looks out at his supporters and tells them he loves them.

Do we want our next president to be a man who loves all the people in this great land or do we want another bigot who picks and chooses which Americans are worthy of his skills at pontificating?

I want the love baby! Trump 2016!



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