False Flags: A New Middle Eastern War

There is something very fishy going on in the Middle East. The first sign came when Turkey shot down a Russian war plane using the excuse that the jet had inadvertently crossed into Turkey for what amounted to a few seconds. Not long after that we learned that all the Black Market oil that was making Isis rich was flowing directly into Turkey establishing a strong economic tie between Isis and the NATO ally. Shortly after that we learned that Turkish forces had moved uninvited into Iraq and refused to leave until Iraq filed a complaint against Turkey with the United Nations Security Council. Under pressure from the U.N. and NATO Turkey finally relented and withdrew from Iraqi territory (at least as far as we know).

It is no big secret that Turkeys president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is seeking to rebuild the Ottoman Empire. At its peek the Ottoman Empire consumed all of the Middle East with the exception of Saudi Arabia, most of Northern Africa and both the entire east and west banks of the Red Sea. Turkey has the second biggest military in NATO with the United States having the largest.

The question is if Erdoğan actually intends to reinvent the glory of the Ottoman Empire how would he proceed. Clearly marching into the Middle East with an invading army is completely out of the question. Recent history makes it quite clear that the most likely scenario is that Turkey would be immediately dropped from NATO and find itself at war with several other countries at once. Erdoğan would need an excuse to invade his neighbors and a good enough excuse to do so with little or no interference from NATO and the Middle Eastern coalition.

The foundations of Turkeys invasion of the Middle East is being laid now in the form of false flag terrorist attacks against Turkey. Remember Turkey supports Isis with weapons and by purchasing oil Isis has stolen mostly from Iraq so Isis has no real reason to be committing acts of terror against their Islamic friends. ISIS’s bombings in Turkey began targeting Turkeys Kurdish minority whose nationalistic insurgency Erdogan considers a mortal threat. Of course these actions didn’t produce the desired effect of allowing Turkey to play the victim because no one was fooled into believing that Isis attacks on the Kurds even though they occurred within Turkish boarders was actually an attack against Turkey itself. Some believe that these attacks were actually condoned by Erdoğan who has been receiving a bit of heat from the international community for his own treatment of the Kurdish minority in his country that he would clearly like to see exterminated.

What Erdoğan would have to do to get away with a full Middle Eastern invasion is demonstrate a pattern of attacks by his buddies Isis while at the same time seeing that the actual damage to Turkey and the Turkish majority was actually very minimal. Tuesdays attack on Istanbul, Turkeys capital killed only 10 people who were mostly German tourists. It was no small error on the part of Isis to attack Sultanahmet — the sacred territory that houses Istanbul’s most iconic religious and historic monuments, such as the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, and Topkapi Palace. It was meant to spark outrage and start the call for the drums of war.

I read a story today titled “ISIS just messed with the wrong Islamic country” but did they really? What motive would Isis have to stage attacks against a country that was supplying it with arms and cash especially an attack with such a minor result in such a sensitive location? What role does NATO, the United States, and the C.I.A. have in all this considering their involvement in the Syrian issue and the fact that all these entities have been involved in the establishment and success of Isis in one way or another but primarily in the area of arms supplies.

There are puppet masters at work here and a master scheme unfolding that seems to have been in the works for a very long time. One thing is for certain …. sooner or later Turkey is going to invade the Middle East.BvjIFy-CQAAXZ9P


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