Cruz Wins Debate

Several conservative online sources and of course some mainstream media sources are claiming that Ted Cruz won last nights debate. Anyone who actually watched last nights GOP debate on FOX Business Channel should find that pretty hard to believe. In fact if you add the news stories that claim Cruz had a great night and the ones that claimed he won the debate it was an avalanche and those who missed the debate would certainly come away believing that Cruz is about to win the primaries in a landslide. Well he won’t.

Cruz had a horrible night. Trump stumped the preacher/lawyer from Texas and pummeled him at every exchange. It is well known that Trump has a great deal of experience in the U.S. court system and his obviously practiced response could only have touched pure Trump haters. He got slammed hard on his New York values comment and Rubio beat him like an ugly redheaded step child. If that was a win for Cruz then clearly the word win doesn’t mean what I think it means.

Contrary to what the mainstream media machine and the conservative hack pages have been puking out Newsmax’s poll numbers show a completely opposite story. According to their polls Trump won with 80% of the responders. That makes a little more sense because in truth just about everyone else on that stage spent the evening pointing guns at their own feet and several fired at their feet more than once.

I have to wonder whether these so called journalists actually think they are going to get away with the type of dishonesty I’ve seen in print over the last several hours. Have they not been paying attention over the last 6 months? The definition of stupid is repeating the same actions over and over again expecting a different result. Their attempts thus-far at conditioning the American people have been met with utter failure and Trumps numbers just keep on rising. And they wonder why most Americans distrust them.

The truth is Cruz was seriously damaged last night. He took some major hits and Rubios relentless attack on him was devastating. The media or at least most of it has lost all legitimacy and they just don’t seem to realize that the damage they are doing is to themselves not Donald trump. Americans have proven time and time again that they see right though their bias “reporting” but the media is like a coy-dog continuing to return to an empty well.

My message to the media is this, “You are hurting yourselves, you are hurting the election process, you are hurting America. Just stop it already and do your job the way it is supposed to be done with honesty and integrity. You my friends are a huge part of the problem with America today.”Ted Cruz


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