Trump Wall for the Complete Liberal Idiot

For some reason most liberals fail to comprehend the concept of the Trump Wall so I thought I’d take the time today to spoon feed the reasoning behind it to them. If you have progressive liberals friends you might consider sharing it with them.

Do you leave your front door wide open to your home? You probably don’t. Why not? There are people outside who might be cold and hungry and in need of shelter. Do you not love your fellow man? Is it not humane to leave your front door open 24/7 inviting perfect strangers into your home to take whatever they might need? After all I bet there are chores around the house you don’t particularly want to do. The furniture needs dusting, there is that pile of laundry that never seems to end and right next to that is a pile of dishes. When was the last time you scrubbed your toilet or shower? Be honest. I bet these people coming through your front door would be happy to do these things that you don’t want to do for a little shelter and maybe something to eat. Sure every once in a while someone might walk through that door and steal from you or rape you but it is a very small percentage of people who would do that. Once they get a taste of your humanity they’ll lose all incentive to do bad things to you right?

Of course you aren’t going to do that and unless you have already done so claiming that you are going to is just so much B.S. The reason that you aren’t going to leave your front door open is that the things in your home are your stuff. You paid for it and you like your stuff and you worked hard for it. Maybe some of your stuff came from people before you like your great grandparents and they mean a lot to you. You’re not going to risk any of that stuff by haphazardly leaving the front door wide open.

You may however decide to help someone who asks for help but first you are going to want a chance to get to know them. Where are they from? Do they believe in the same things that you believe in? Will they behave in a civilized manner or at least in a way you can live with? If the answers are positive you may or you may not help them. You don’t owe them anything and you may just feel like there are enough people living in your house already.

A nation is just like your house. America belongs to you and me (if you’re here legally). We paid for the roads and bridges and schools and libraries and a whole lot of other stuff. We have things that the people who came before us gave us like a Constitution, freedom, liberty, the right to defend ourselves and the right to say whatever we want to say aside from “fire” in a crowded theater. We certainly don’t want to risk any of those things on people who may not think the same way that we do. America is our house and we don’t owe any outsiders any part of it no matter how cold and hungry they might be.

Like your home we don’t want to leave our national homes front door wide open so that strangers can come in and use up our stuff and take advantage of the stuff we worked so hard for. Right now we don’t even have a door to our house which certainly seems pretty stupid. My guess is that you wouldn’t buy a house or rent an apartment that didn’t have a front door that closed and locked.

Building Trump Wall isn’t some impossible task. The Chinese did it long before the automobile or concrete arrived and theirs is huge. Mexico has a fence along its southern border and Israel has a huge (notice how I keep using that term for pun) wall. Certainly it can be done. Trump says he’s going to make the Mexicans pay for it because they have done nothing but encourage their people to invade our house. How? Well we actually give them more money than it would take to buy the fence so they can either pay for the wall or we can stop giving them money. We can also charge them tariffs on the Chevys they make (and a lot of other things we used to make) that they sell to us. One way or another we can most certainly make them pay for it. And we should because of the way they have been treating us by allowing their people to invade our home.

It isn’t like we don’t like Mexicans or anyone else for that matter. Does closing the front  door to your house mean you hate everyone that you’re not letting walk freely into your home? Of course not. Though we have no obligation to let anyone into our house we might decide to do so but if we do we are going to only let in the best of the best just like you would only let in the people into your apartment that you felt would be the most beneficial to you.

It is not the same thing you say? Of course it is just on a much bigger scale. You don’t leave your door open because you think you might be inviting in trouble and believe me plenty of trouble has come through Americas wide open borders. And sure maybe the amount of murderers and rapists and thieves that invade our borders is relatively small but to their victims, your family in the big house we call America the percentages really doesn’t matter all that much. Do you not feel hurt and pain when someone in your family is robbed or raped or murdered?

We have a right as a sovereign nation to not just have a front door (wall) but to keep it closed and locked if we want to. If you like sharing how about sharing with your own family lots of us need your help.

And also remember that the people who have crossed Americas borders illegally have committed a federal offense. What would happen to you or one of your family members if you were convicted of a federal offense. Well whatever happened it probably wouldn’t involve a free bus or plane ride home. In Mexico, they put you in jail to serve your sentence before “repatriating” you.

Perhaps now you might be able to see why building a wall isn’t just possible, it is something we should have done a long, long time ago.




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