The Truth About Women

Have you ever noticed that you don’t see very many women at convenience stores? If you start really paying attention to the little things going on around you, you’ll discover that there are other places women, especially pretty women like to avoid. Women tend to avoid places that make them feel vulnerable which is why many women will go to the grocery store as opposed to a 7-11 for a handful of small items. Have you ever wondered why women like shopping malls so much?

What many men fail to realize is that being a woman can be a very frightening experience on a daily basis. Yes a pretty woman gets a lot of attention but that attention isn’t always welcomed. Most of their lives women feel the eyes of men upon them as if they are a piece of meat or more correctly just an object to be used. In modern times sometimes those eyes come from other women as well. In both cases these people who are inspecting them with their hungry eyes are making little to no effort to be subtle about their sexual desires.

Women are extremely vulnerable because compared to a man, any man really, they are frail, weak and easy to physically subdue. In most of mankind’s history women and girls have been the spoils of war, commodities to be traded or sold off by their captors or parents and always highly susceptible to slavery especially sexual slavery. We see this even today in the Middle East, Asia and in Africa where the restrains of a legal system that punishes such behavior is nonexistent or unenforced.

Even in civilized nations like the U.S.A. and in Europe young women can find themselves reduced to slavery in the form of pimps or other roaming slavers seeking situations in which these women can be manipulated or straight out captured to be used for profit either by getting them addicted to a variety of drugs and pimping them out or straight out capturing them for sale to the highest bidders. For example Israel has a slave trade that involves women from America, Europe and Russia (where the vast majority of these women are taken) who are captured by slavers and taken to Israel to be used as sex slaves. Blonde women are especially sought out by these slavers for reasons that should be obvious. You’re not going to be hearing about that on the evening news.

If we are to fully accept Darwin’s theory on evolution then we must also accept that being sex slaves, the spoils of war, and being treated as objects/property has become a part of women’s DNA. On a psychological level there must be some kind of defense mechanism that has developed in women that allows them to survive situations that they would be likely to find themselves in. It has only been perhaps the last hundred years or so when any woman could feel any real sense of safety from the slavers chains.

Perhaps these defense mechanisms go even further than mere flight or the ability to survive such situations. As women become freer to express their own needs some women are expressing the need to be treated as property or even slaves. We see this in so many things like the popular home stripper poles used to “exercise” that without a doubt reinforce the idea that women are objects to be gawked at sexually. Even if no one is watching them “work the pole” a woman in the privacy of her own home can “perform” for her partner or entertain herself with the fantasy of being an object with the eyes of 100 men lusting after her. Exercise is often used as an excuse for women to express their desire to be treated as sexual objects. Take belly dancing as another example. Traditionally a belly dancer is a harem girl who is displaying her sexual prowess through seductive dance so that her owner or one of his guests might use her sexually instead of one of the other girls in the harem competing against each other for the attentions of the men.

We can see these desires in women in some of the books they read in which women are captured or find themselves in D/S (dominate/submissive) relationships like 50 Shades of Gray or the film The Secretary both examples much more popular among women than men. I tried to watch the movie 50 Shades of Gray and to date have yet to make it all the way through because I find it boring and tedious and I don’t have any male friends who can sit through it either. Someone is watching that film. We are also seeing the BDSM (bondage/domination/sadism/masochism) lifestyle becoming more and more mainstream with each passing year and though the media tends to portray this lifestyle as the female dominate in the relationship in the actual lifestyle it is most often the male who dominates females. Female dominance is rare enough that men who seek it usually have to pay for it. Even many profession female dominatrix’s will admit they themselves enjoy being dominated and are only dominating men for the money.

The other day a female acquaintance of mine stated that she would never vote for a woman for president because she doesn’t believe women are rational enough for such a position. In her own words she believed that only 20% of females were even capable of any sense of consistent rationality and frankly I think she was being kind and that she actually believed that percentage to be much lower than that and just picked a random percentage that sounded good to make her point. I have known many other women who have made similar statements to me in private while in public sticking up for the feminist view of womanhood. Could this irrationality also be part of a woman’s natural defensive mechanism that might make it easier to survive the possibility of becoming the spoils of war and/or a sex slave or even being married off like property by her parents?

Now of course the realities of sexual slavery are hardly the same thing as the fantasy. Even in most BDSM and D/S relationships these activities are more about role playing than the female actually becoming a nonperson piece of property. In this lifestyle the people involved enter it willingly and usually participate in such role-play as weekend warriors not 24/7 whips, cages and chains. But the desire that makes them choose this type of role-play cannot be summarily ignored.

For the civilized woman marriage has traditionally been the way that she can express her submission. The wife is submissive to the husband who cares for her and protects her and makes many if not most of her decisions for her. He might even put her over his knee and give her a spanking for misbehavior. Lots of women liked to be spanked (I’ll call the Enquirer the day I find one that doesn’t). Political correctness and liberalism has pretty much destroyed that outlet for women giving them full control of that relationship under law and that fact that 71% of all divorces in America are filed by women suggest that this situation has made women very unhappy. Consequently many modern women view men with contempt even when they are heterosexual.

One recent study suggested that some women become bisexual or even lesbians when they are unattached for a long period of time. If they are viewing men with contempt for failing to be able to be what they need this makes sense especially when you consider that statistically the most violent couple pairing is among lesbians. The strap on penis used among some lesbians is a symbol of dominance the one wearing the strap-on obviously dominating the other.

Perhaps it is time that we start being honest with ourselves and not be so quick to assume that the politically correct version of womanhood is a one size fits all ideology. Certainly there are women somewhere who do not regularly fantasize about being in situations in which they are helpless and sexual objects but should these women really be driving the narrative. Can we not make room in our modern world for both the feminist and the submissive woman?

But maybe, just maybe women’s salvation really lies in the classical definition of marriage. Perhaps marriage should be more than just a couple of people agreeing to share expenses, a bed, and pop out a child or two. It is after all a contract and the easier that we make it to be broken the less meaning it has. Marriage has been traditionally a way in which a man takes a woman as his property and is held responsible for her safety and well being. She obeys him and opens herself up to him without reservation. He controls the irrationality inherent in her sex.

Perhaps traditional marriage isn’t such a bad social construct after all.BDSM Collar OWNED Tag Metal Aluminum and Brass with Stainless Steel Chain Locking 1



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