The Suicidal Republican Party

Imagine if you will a Republican candidate for President that so reaches into the heart of America that people who haven’t voted in years or may have never voted at all start registering as Republicans. Imagine that same candidate drawing huge crowds everywhere he goes and in most cases has supporters waiting outside in the weather because the venue could not hold them all. Imagine a peoples grass roots movement that doesn’t cost the Republican Party a dime yet manages to be on top of the news practically every day for over six months. Now imagine that same Republican Party doing everything it can to stop that candidates campaign.

If someone had written a fictional novel about this kind of a situation a year or two ago that novel would still be sitting on the bookshelves collecting dust assuming of course that any publishing house would have printed it in the first place. The reason why those books would be sitting on the bookshelf collecting dust is because the story is completely unbelievable. You just can’t make this kind of thing up. In this case the truth isstranger than fiction.

In 2012 Ron Paul stated that he was running for president on the GOP ticket because he wanted to save the Republican Party. It is now painfully obvious what he meant.

The Republican Party doesn’t give a dam about its constituency or being the stewards of the Constitution the only thing the Republican Party gives a dam about is power. With control of both the House and the Senate the GOP has only managed to allow the President to continue on in his legacy of epic failure in the hopes that by doing so they can take the White House in 2016. Their strategy has worked at the cost of millions of hard working taxpayers who have paid the price for it; the fix is in the Republicans have won the 2016 election because quite frankly the Democrat Party does not have a viable candidate whether it is Clinton or much more likely Sanders who wins their nomination.

What the Republican Party didn’t plan on was “We the People.”

Conservatives are sick and tired of paying the price for the GOPs backdoor shenanigans. We are the ones who are unemployed, underemployed, watching our income stagnate, sending our young people to desert hellholes so the C.I.A. can play their games of Global Domination, and we are stuck with health care plans we can’t use because the deductibles are so high. We are the ones who are losing ground to the flood of immigrants both legal and illegal being allowed to drive down our standard of living for the corporatism that has assumed control of OUR government. All the ugly and stupid things that Washington has done has not affected any of the politicians in Washington but it is we the people who have and continue to bear the brunt of their hunger for power.

And when we make it clear to those who are supposed to be representing us that we have had enough by supporting a non politician candidate they accuse us of the same things that progressive liberals have been accusing the Republican Party of namely bigotry and fear mongering. These people don’t give a dam about us or this republic. Worse they have made this so obviously clear to us, literally shoving it in our faces  using their response to the last State of the Union address by Obama to do so.

To state that this is an outrage is the understatement of the decade.

A very large portion of the American people want Donald Trump to be the next President of the United States but the Republican Party, FOX News, the liberal media and The Democrat Party are working in unison to make sure that never happens. It would be impressive to see all of these entities coming together over any issue but coming together against the people isn’t amazing it is pure unadulterated evil. All of these groups are pounding the drums of fear and political correctness in the biggest conspiracy since Operation Northwoods.

What the Republican Party is doing here is committing suicide. Many of us still have an awful taste in our mouths because of what they did to Ron Paul and how they colluded with the same groups previously stated to that end and it is probable that many of Trump’s supporters are in fact supporting a non politician candidate because of that. We don’t forget things like conspiracy’s so easily. And yes if they manage to find a way to destroy Trumps primary candidacy they will win the election anyway simply because the Democrats have no one that can win under any circumstances. But the party will pay for this whether it is in the House, Senate, or presidential election in 2020. Either people will just stop voting all together or some group will start another party and the Republican Party will eventually find itself in the dustbin of history.

America is circling the drain and the reason it is doing so is because the Republicans and Democrats and media and mega corporations would rather see this country destroyed than give up their grip on power. The Republican Party has proven to everyone that political parties, the media and the big bucks run the country and not the people. They are part of a private club and we are not welcome.

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