Democrats Vs. Trump

Democrats say they want their candidate to run against Trump.

Ted Cruz says Democrats want to run against Trump. Recent polls show that 20% of Democrats would vote for Trump over Hillary Clinton. The number of people registering as Democrats has sharply declined with many former Democrats now claiming to be independents all of this happening while Donald Trump hasn’t just been the Republican front-runner but has completely dominated the polls almost since the day that he announced his candidacy.

The truth is Donald Trump is absolutely the last person the Democrats want to run against. Every other candidate on both sides of the fence have very serious issues many of which haven’t been vetted yet while every attack and accusation against Trump has rolled off of him like a car windshield covered with Rain-X.

Sanders is an admitted socialist for Pete’s sake and Clinton may be facing more than one indictment during the primaries or even the general election so it doesn’t make very much sense that the Democrats actually want to run against the Donald.

What does make sense is that the Democrats especially those to the far left are using the tired old progressive liberal technique we have been seeing them use over the last several years to try to instill fear into conservatives and independents. If they say they want to run against Trump they are hoping that you’ll stop supporting him because they think they can beat him. They know they can’t beat him in the general election … it is a ruse.

Listening to establishment Republicans and the liberal and not so liberal media parrot this nonsense only confirmations that it is a ruse to try to scare you into voting for someone … anyone else. Because if Trump wins they will all lose their stranglehold on America.

I think most voters know that this is complete bull. They have known for years to expect nothing but lies and deception from these people.

The only people they are truly fooling is themselves. And they are really really good at that.Trump_1


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