Islam: What Attracts So Many Western Females?

Of all the things Islam represents feminism isn’t one of them. In fact any serious look at Islam makes it clear that the cult oppresses women. I use the word cult because Islam cannot, given its political doctrine, be simply qualified as a religion any more than conservatism whose base is Christianity or liberalism whose base worships secularism could be mistaken as religions.

In the world of Islam women are without a doubt second class citizens. The Western World looks upon the women of Islam as oppressed and little more than slaves and rightly so. Islam dictates how women are “allowed” to dress and even how they are allowed to act in public. Saudi Arabia as well as other Islamic countries doesn’t even allow women to drive a car and in many places pursue careers or even attend educational institutions.

Yet time and time again we see modern Western women running off to join Islam and Islamic organizations when they should clearly know that when they do join their freedoms will be extremely curtailed. There was a story a while back about 2 British teenage girls who ran off to join Isis and predictably they were abused and later murdered. How could they not realize the risk they were taking and if they knew the risk why would they leave everything they knew behind and take such a grave risk?

The answer to these questions could boil down to 2 things love and nature.

First of all recruiters of Western women and members of Islam are always emphasizing love something many women find lacking in the western world. You cannot love a western man because western society has so demonized men that men have become little more that walking wallets with the intelligence of a snail. They are a means to an end and nothing more. Western men who want to have a woman or women especially younger men have either had to embrace this image of themselves or become confirmed bachelors who end up having to trade some of their fortune in one way or another for the occasional barfly slut. The days of strong rugged men like John Wayne are pretty much over and very few women are actually happy about the situation they have created in the name of equality.

Islam is attractive to them because they are someone they can look up to instead of down at and the Islamic women emphasize that they are all “family” and loved by their “family” under Islam aka under God. Since most spoiled western women tend to believe everyone is the same inside with the same sets of basic needs and basic beliefs it rarely occurs to any or these recruits that they are being used. All that talk about Islam are just lies you know a conspiracy and excuse to steal Arab oil. There is also a certain aspect of love rebellion that women just …. love. For you men who don’t understand this spend a few days watching The Hallmark Channel or the Lifetime Network and you’ll get the idea.

Though this “love” idea is a major part of recruiting women to Islam it doesn’t really explain away why any woman would give up her razor, makeup, heels, car, bikini, sexy black dress, and the ability to run off at the mouth any time she dam well pleases consequence free.

I suspect that the other reason has something to do with feminism and feminists, though they might be women themselves have just gotten it all wrong about their own sex. Not every woman is bisexual or a lesbian.

The problem with the western world is that it tries too hard to homogenize women. Islam of course does this too. In both cases there is no room for the other. Not every woman wants to be the equal of men. Some do crave the submissive role that nature has carved out for them and many dream about being completely dominated by men. The number one sexual fantasy that women have is to be gang raped by a group of men. Of course very few of the women who have this fantasy actually want to be raped by a group of men but the fantasy itself tells a lot about what role in a relationship they truly desire. The popularity of books and movies like John Normans Gor, Anne Rices Sleeping Beauty Trilogy, 50 Shades of Gray, and The Secretary are all indicators that show many western women want to be dominated by men and often forcefully so they themselves have no choice in the matter.

Islam offers the western woman things that Christianity and the west scowl at and many are so desperate to have these things in their lives that they are willing to risk their lives for them. Maybe it is time to reassess what womens issues actually are instead of what the LGBT community, feminists, and the media are telling them they are supposed to be. If we are going to be so tolerant that we are going to allow Muslims to share our space and live by their own rules, perhaps we should also let women be women even if that means they are led on a leash by their men.

When The United States of America was founded it was illegal for a man to beat his wife …. with a branch that was bigger around than his own thumb. Maybe we’re not quite as enlightened as we think we


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