Democrats: Immoral @ Any Speed

I am perplexed. Truly I am. If someone I voted into office lied to me over and over again I’d certainly stop supporting that person and I’d also distance myself from anyone who did especially if I knew for a fact that they knew that the person I voted for lied. Frankly I can’t even phantom any reason (or more properly stated “excuse”) that would remotely justify me supporting any politician that blatantly lied to me or the people who continued to support that person and knew they had been lied to.

One of the Bibles 10 commandments is thou shalt not lie. Even if you’re not a believer in the bible it takes a pretty ugly personality to lie and support liars. Atheists tell us that we do not need religion but instead we can depend on our humanity to guide us yet where is that humanity when millions of people ignore the obvious lack of such humanity in elected and appointed government officials? Are Atheists just dead wrong?

What I’m talking about here isn’t the little white lies everyone tells. The main character of the television show “House” said it best when he stated that everyone lies the only variable is what they lie about. If someone I loved was dying and I knew they were dying I would lie to them without hesitation offering them the hope and comfort of my lies to ease their conscience. You can fry me over the grill if you want to for doing so but I think I stand on a much firmer moral foundation than the person who says “if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor” when that person knew full well that what he was saying was untrue.

The lies I’m talking about are the kind of ugly lies that people tell to get you to do important things you would not otherwise do if you were told the truth, and lies that keep people from being accountable for their actions and behaviors when they have abused the trust of the people.

For some reason people seem to have resigned themselves to the fact that politicians lie and that there is nothing that can be done about it so we had best just accept it and move on. Most people in America and indeed most people in what is considered Western Civilization have apparently come to the conclusion that the best they can hope for is that they are told the right kind of lies about their own little pet issue and that is about as good as it is going to get.

The worst group in America when it comes to lying is clearly supporters of the Democrat Party. While the people who generally support Republicans are in the middle of a party civil war based largely on establishment Republicans deceiving them for years, the other side of the fence is still deeply entrenched in embracing their establishment politicians even though they themselves would have had to spend at least the last 8 years living in a cave in Afghanistan not to know that their leaders have been telling lie after lie to them and the rest of the American people throughout the current regimes term in office.

Democrats unlike Republicans are not going through their own revolution because they want the bribes that their party provides them with more than they care about whether they are being lied to or not. Conservatives on the other had aren’t quite as interested in being bribed. Yet these same progressive liberals who embrace the lies and the bribes they are offered are the first to complain about lobbyists who lie to and bribe elected officials. That hypocrisy not only illustrates a narcissistic attitude on the part of Democrats but an uncanny ability to believe the lies they tell to themselves. What is good for the goose is clearly not good for the gander.

This is why liberals more than any other group most often must resort to screaming and yelling and violence and censorship. They know they are supporting lies and cannot defend them in a civilized manor because their ideologies do not pass the test of discourse. Do you see conservatives calling harassment and verbal and physical assault “protesting”? If you’ve ever been to a progressive liberal “protest” you know exactly what I’m talking about whether they are labor unionists, socialists (which is pretty much the same thing), pro-abortionists, feminists, Black Lives MatterĀ  or college students. These types of people can only have a peaceful gathering when their ideologies go unchallenged but once challenged by even the simplest of questions the yelling and screaming and threats begin.

There is absolutely no moral foundation for this kind of totalitarianistic behavior. They don’t want to hear any other point of view than their own and worse they don’t want anyone else to hear it either. If someone does manage to offer a different idea Democrat supporters attack the individual who expressed it on a personal level diverting attention away from the ideals they are incapable of defending calmly and rationally.

These people cannot be reached they are too far gone and slaves to their dogma, desires and greed. The only people who can and should step away from the Democrats are those in or near the center. The upcoming elections will determine the moral fortitude of centrists.

main-qimg-d28048baf7bb52e46eb4c47008ef78a7You will never be able to get social Jihadists to think rationally or morally and that is exactly what the left has become.


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